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  1. Yes, You see in the sample file, currently the legends are named as Node Path ID. I wanted to rename them for respective models (for instance Iteration 1, Iteration 2, etc...) Anyways, I managed to find how to do that as well. There is an option to define curves where I can rename the curve.
  2. Thank you Prakash, I managed to get the curves in the same graph now.
  3. Hello, I have conducted a topology optimisation on several bumper beam models (attached) and would like to plot the curves for displacement and stresses variations across the length of the beam on the same graph. I have managed to plot the the displacements before and after optimisation of one of the beams beam, however I was wondering if I can do this for multiple models on the same graph. Also, I want to change the name of the legends and can not find how to do that. I have tried to plot them in hyperview and hypergraph but could not work it out. Can anyone please guide me through this ? Thanks Regards, Awais
  4. I have sent the model to the dropbox link and the material properties that I have are attached in this post.
  5. I am trying to simulate a car crash in a static linear option to simply the case. The stresses that I am getting are a lot higher than the yield strength of the material. I have tried to run the non-linear cases but I keep on getting an error #1000. I tried to troubleshoot and looked at similar problem on forum but was not able to solve it. Also, I am not sure about the parameters and properties that I am using in my model, would you be able to assisst me with it ? I have sent the model at the secured dropbox fileshare. Regards, Awais
  6. Hello, I am trying to simulate a closed profile bumper beam. I am using HyperMesh with OptiStruct to carry out a linear static analysis. When I run the analysis, the top surface of beam is going through another surface whereas I want it to engage with it. Can anyone please suggest a solution for this ? Regards, Awais
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