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  1. We hope it has been solved in version 2019.3.1, which was released just a couple of days ago.
  2. It could be a bug in the software. Can you please tell us which version of the software and which operating system you are using? Could you use File / Export Project to Zip Archive and attach the resulting zip file here?
  3. That all sounds good... You say Windows Enterprise 64 bits edition. Is the version Windows 10? Very sorry it doesn't work. I have no idea what could be wrong.
  4. You can ask for a log file in ProMan under Settings / Global Settings --> Computation tab --> Generate log file during computations. I just tried it. The file with information is not a .log file but a .txt file. It has "Logfile" in the name. From what you're saying "a log file, containing only Start and End time", you might already have such a log file. Maybe the setting is already active. My file has start time at the top and end time at the bottom, but also information in-between. So there is really no error message popping up about a license or about a missing DLL? (I guess I know the answer, otherwise you would have mentioned it.) What is the operating system on your machine? Are you trying to run the simulation on the machine where the software is installed and where the license resides? No remote desktop? Is the license a local license, meaning it doesn't need a separate license manager program that tries to talk with WinProp through a "port"? This should not be relevant; I'm now just asking many questions.
  5. Sorry to read that it's not working. With example 1, have you extracted the project in a location where you have write permissions (not a special folder like C:\Program Files)? To be paranoid, maybe you can check the properties of the folder, make sure it's not "read only" or otherwise restricted. The model you attached (as well as example 1) solve for me on my computer. With the model you attached, I received a message that I had to un-check the request for the transmission matrix under Project / Edit Project Parameter, but that probably has nothing to do with your problem. Maybe a reboot might not hurt? Deleting the results folder and then launching the simulation again? Clutching at straws here....
  6. The project solved for me. I don't see anything wrong with the setup. The yellow dot probably means that the site is enabled but the simulation hasn't been done yet. Red would mean that the site has been disabled. There is a similar dot one level lower at the antenna (because one site can have multiple antennas).
  7. One of us may be able to take a look at your project. Can you please use File / Export / Export Project as ZIP Archive in ProMan and attach the resulting zip file to this Forum topic?
  8. In TuMan, please try File / Export Binary instead of File / Export ASCII. I could reproduce the problem you had with .ida. The geometry may still be valid, but those messages are disconcerting. When I export in binary format from TuMan, things are fine.
  9. CompoMan offers the ability to define components like cables and splitters. Have a look at the example model LTE_Indoor_withComponents.zip. It is located in the WinProp installation directory in the Help folder: C:\Program Files\Altair\2019\help\WinProp\examples.
  10. In the exercise, tunnel Tube_3 undergoes an elevation change from z=0 to z=-10 m. You did not make a mistake. If you want to avoid topographical data in the exported database, try Edit / Settings --> Geometry Export, and un-check the option to export the elevation profile.
  11. Hi Balaji, The attached zip file may help. It was written for MIMO, not specifically for DAS, but DAS is explained as well. In short: set up a Network Planning Project with multiple antennas and allowing for MIMO. When you specify the details of the antennas, in the "Carrier" dialog, you specify the SAME SIGNAL GROUP (e.g. signal Group A) for several antennas. Then you also say "No MIMO". This will force the antennas to transmit the exact same data on the same frequency, and they will be helping each other instead of interfering. DAS.zip
  12. No problem. The link below has the solved project. The size exceeds the maximum for this forum, so I used a separate file-sharing site. Best regards. Files attached to this message Filename Size frankfurtdec25solved.zip 64.1 MB Please click on the following link to download the attachments: https://ftam1.altair.com/message/7HiJ38rkQT7BEcbVZhl3bQ The attachments are available until: Thursday, 16 January.
  13. I see that, indeed, in your model the solution for the last antenna is missing. There is a message saying, for the last antenna only, "Transmitter was modified. Prediction must be recomputed." I'm assuming WinProp is to blame, not you, especially since you've tried it multiple times. Why this is happening, I don't know. I looked at the list of limitations for the student version, and this model seems to be well within the limits (also, you'd have received a different message if it were not the case). When I try to solve it on my computer, it solves completely without a problem. See attachment. I have no solution for the weird behavior. Maybe it's worth a try to start over completely "from scratch" and create a new project. If you'd like me to solve another model for you, such as the model with 4x4 MIMO, so you can continue your work, just send it (I can't do that too often of course). frankfurt_withfullsolution.zip
  14. It might be a bug, in which case it should be fixed by the development staff. Can you attach the model? Please use File / Export / Export Project as ZIP Archive.
  15. The first thing to try is to copy the examples to a location where you are certain that there will be no problems with write permissions. (Maybe you had already done that).
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