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  1. Hello Rahul, do you know if it's possible to create forces along a 3D curve? I tried with line load but didn't get the local system for the curve. Regards, Jan
  2. Hi Rahul, Thank you that helped a lot The hint with CBEAM elements worked. So I think I don't need to restrict the rotational degrees additionaly. That would be far away from realcase. But am I right so the rods take a lot bending although they're meant to support only the axial forces? Regards Jan
  3. Hi guys, I would like to simulate a rocker including adjecent parts Therefore I meshed the body with 3D Tetra mesh and added the rods by using CROD Elements and place them on the RBE2 Node of the holes. Constaints in Translation (X,Y,Z) are at the end of the Rods and additionally at the lower left hole of the rocker. The force is placed on the upper left hole. In the results I have great displacement (no matter how I change the e-modulus of the rods) and additionally I don't understand the reason why the displacement in Y differs along the thickness. Seems to bei something wrong in Rod connection? Does anybody have an idea how to interpret the results and how to fix the model. Thanks a lot. Bye, Jan
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