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  1. Due to their “non-physical” nature, they are not held in components but in groups and can be selected using the “by group” selection.You can refer to below OptiStruct online tutorials. OS-T: 1080 Coupled Linear Heat Transfer/Structure Analysis OS-T: 1085 Linear Steady-state Heat Convection Analysis Download free eBook on Thermal analysis with OptiStruct using below link. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-thermal-analysis-with-optistruct/
  2. Rahul R

    Non-linear orthotropic material

    Please check below post for MAT9ORT with PCOMPLS.
  3. Rahul R

    PDAMP Value

    OptiStruct is unit less. It is the responsibility of user to maintain unit consistency.Refer below post and TTF. http://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Student_Guide_55-57.pdf
  4. Rahul R

    Element Activation and Deactivation

    what type of analysis or optimization you are running?
  5. Rahul R

    Error in transient heat transfer

    Please check the material property is assigned to the component or not?
  6. Rahul R

    Non-linear orthotropic material

    Please make sure to refer comments of MATX43. MATX43.pdf
  7. Rahul R

    OS-1010 - Error

    Please refer attached updated file. coffelid.fem
  8. Rahul R

    Adding heat flux as a time step over a weld

    This is a linear transient heat transfer analysis case.You could refer to the below online help tutorial or download free on thermal analysis with OptiStruct using below link. OS-T: 1090: Linear Transient Heat Transfer Analysis of an Extended Surface Heat Transfer Fin https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-thermal-analysis-with-optistruct/ (Refer chapter 7 of eBook)
  9. Rahul R

    Topology Optimization

    How the shell and solid was connected? Did you perform analysis prior to optimization? If possible share the fem file.
  10. Rahul R

    Singularity Error in Frequency Response Analysis

    can you please share the .out file of the run?
  11. Please refer attached material for 2d and 3d composites.2d with MAT8 and PCOMPP & 3d with MAT9ORT and PCOMPLS Composite.zip
  12. Rahul R

    OS-1010 - Error

    Material is not assigned to PSHELL.1 property.It should run fine once you assign the material. Error 1000 indicates same.
  13. Your statement is not correct for 2d and 3d.Will reply shortly with some examples.
  14. Please refer to attached document on composites. This document is written by referring OptiStruct 2017.2.4. Advanced_Laminate_Composite_Modeling.pdf
  15. Rahul R

    request tutorial

    This tutorial is available in Thermal Analysis with OptiStruct eBook. Please request free ebook using below link. Page no 90 covers this tutorial. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-thermal-analysis-with-optistruct/ Thermo_Mechanical.pdf