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  1. Rahul R

    Total Contact Force

    I am checking internally about this request.I will let you know once i get any information.
  2. Rahul R

    restart and new output request

    PFA information from help for restart for an optimization.
  3. Rahul R

    Any news on Evolve 2018...?

    For windows 64 Evolve 2017.3.2 and Mac OS X Evolve 2017.3.3 is available. We will let you know once 2018 is available.
  4. Rahul R

    2 contact in succession (optistruct)

    Can you try running contact analysis using contact utilities set to MORIENT:OVERLAP.
  5. Rahul R

    Total Contact Force

    Can you try requesting output in opti format.The .cntf file is an Altair OptiStruct ASCII format results file. PFA screenshot for your reference.
  6. The Optimization algorithm which you are referring to ,is available with Altair HyperStudy.As per the above table default method for optimization would be ARSM and GRSM. ARSM : Default method for single objective problems GRSM : Default method for multi objective problems.Preferred method when the number of design variables is large. Are you looking to do this size optimization using HyperStudy?
  7. Rahul R

    Error in Evaluate step in Hyperstudy

    Coupling of FluxMotor with HyperStudy is a new feature. Please make sure to use latest version of HyperWorks Desktop i.e 2017.3 (HyperStudy 2017.3)
  8. Rahul R

    Error in simlab

    The error seems to be because of RBE3 nodes that are not connected to any part of the structure, this would create singularity in the model and hence OptiStruct throws the error message. Automatic way to fix this via Param card, PARAM,RBE3FREE,YES.
  9. Rahul R

    Step Size Settings for Optistruct

  10. Rahul R

    How to find the total no of nodes in Simlab

    Once the mesh is done on the single part or multiple part.Under Model Browser: Right click: Properties to get the required information.You can use this option for assembly or individual part.To learn simlab for preprocessing and analysis refer below link. https://web2.altairhyperworks.com/altair-for-simlab-learning-center
  11. Rahul R

    Patch checker

    Currently we don't have similar command like a patch checker in SimLab. However, the existing way of correcting element quality in SimLab is efficient for most of the application.You can refer below video for element cleanup from Simlab learning center. Altair for SimLab Learning Center
  12. Error is self explanatory in the the out file after run.Please specify scale of 1.0 in the DLOAD card with loadcollector name CombinedFluxAndConvectionLoad.
  13. Rahul R

    Error Importing SolidWorks Parts

    Please refer attached screenshot from help for supported formats.
  14. Rahul R

    material card for Rubber seal

    OptiStruct Nonlinear Learning Center
  15. Rahul R

    material card for Rubber seal

    You can refer attached example from OptiStruct online help. HYPERELASTIC.fem OS E 0120.pdf