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  1. No, we cannot compare static and frequency response analysis outputs. The governing equation for linear static and dynamic analysis is different.
  2. Please refer the attached pdf from help. Altair_HyperWorks_Solver_Run_Manager.pdf
  3. Could you also add PARAM, KGRGD, YES as per the warning mentioned in the .out file. If it gives an error, then please share .out and .stat file.
  4. You could refer online help for Create Output for Third Party Software. Create_output_for_third_party_software.pdf
  5. There is an alternative approach that you can use to run the harmonic analysis using a cyclic symmetry model. At the each edge of the sector you can apply Periodic Boundary condition. Please refer to the attached material from help. OSE705.zip
  6. Refer out file for the error and warning.Please refer attached video. Errror_1000_with_video.mp4
  7. Attached is the updated fem file.If you are not comfortable with HyperMesh interface then you could explore Basic FEA or SolidThinking Inspire for Staic & Modal Analysis. modal.fem
  8. C In this file..Component name with seat is repeated 14 times..Just delete all component with name seat.
  9. Could you please share the .fem file to take a quick look?
  10. Which animation mode you are using to plot displacement results in Hyperview(modal /static/transient)?
  11. Stress variation depends upon several factors:(load magnitude/mesh/Post processing in Hyperview elemental or nodal with averaging and unaverage option) By default OptiStruct gives elemental centroid based results.If you want to compare nodal average results then set the control card : Global output request: Stress:Location : corner .This will enable corner option in HypervIew while postprocessing stress results.
  12. Run options should be set to optimization.
  13. PFA screenshot from help for submitting multiple solver runs.
  14. Please refer to the attached document. Lattice optimization_final.pdf
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