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  1. Is that a free size with composite or simple size optimization?
  2. You can check FEA reanalysis , which is available for topology and topography optimization. Reanalysis.pdf
  3. Please read the comment section of QVOL card. In MAT4 & MAT5 we can specify HGEN. QVOL.pdf
  4. Change order to second with toggle button set to midside node projected to surface option.
  5. Basically if you have the hostnames in a hostfile.txt: optistruct input.fem –hostfile ./hostfile.txt [-np <NUMBER OF MPI PROCESSES>] [-mpi <i|pl>] The input files must be available from all nodes in the same path. This can be done by copying the input files to identical paths on all nodes or mount the folder containing the input files to all nodes. Scratch files ought to be written to local high performance disk on each node. Please check advanced installation guide for more details. Advanced_installation_guide.pdf
  6. Please refer the document shared in below post.
  7. Can you also share the .out file of the run?
  8. Rahul R


    It seems you too are using the version 2017.2 with modal FFR. Updating solver version should help to continue run.
  9. Altair OptiStruct 2017.2.3 provides Corner option for composite stres.CSTRESS(corner) is only supported for linear static analysis.H3D is the only supported format.
  10. Linear is for linear static /Modal is Normal modes analysis/Transient is for Dynamic,crash & nonlinear transient analysis.
  11. Rahul R


    Sorry I yet to take a look. I will check and let you know. Meanwhile you can refer below post where user had similar question. https://forum.altair.com/topic/31244-acoustic-infinite-elements/
  12. Please check for mesh pull down menu> cleanup element> smooth option Check video for (Meshing:Improve Element Quality with Smoothing) Altair for Aerospace Learning Center
  13. Latest version of HyperMesh 2019.0 provides Tetramesh updates for geometry modification. Please refer attached video. Tetramesh_updates_for_geometry_modification.mp4 05_Bottle_Tetra_Update.hm
  14. Automatic time-stepping is activated in your case. Please check the output section of attached document from online help. Nonlinear_Direct_Transient_Analysis.pdf
  15. Please refer attached document on Laminate Failure Theories in OptiStruct. Laminate Failure Theories in OptiStruct.pdf
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