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  1. As per OptiStruct Stress output section.
  2. Yes, thats what i have done in the video.
  3. For now it is must to have output at element nodes and body mesh control assigned to CAD body for mesh convergence.Please refer attached video. 6_Mesh_Convergence_Study.mp4
  4. Could you please check the top left corner of the screen for Student Edition?Is there any student edition label like the below picture
  5. Above behaviour (Analysis ribbon & exchange of database from lower to higher version )is intended for Simlab 2019.3 with student edition license.If you are commercial customer and have access to Hyperworks unit license,then above behavior should not occur. Since this is the first release of Simlab Student edition, we dont allow exchange of database from full version to student edition. Altair SimLab enables users to model and solve multiple physics with the help of newly added Solution ribbon tab.In Simlab SE, objective is to use Solution browser for different physics.Once you define solution, relevant physics based loads & boundary condition will get enabled for the the further setup of analysis. For quick learning one could refer to below video for preprocessing/solving & post processing with Altair Simlab. 2_Beam_Bending_Analysis.mp4
  6. I believe this is available in user manual. Attached screenshot is from MDS user manual 2019.2.
  7. Please refer to our free ebook on DOE using below link. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-design-of-experiments-with-hyperstudy-a-study-guide/
  8. This is available under advanced mesh visualization.Please refer attached screenshot.
  9. I guess the issue is with frequency range defined in Freq card and Tabled1.1st frequency of the assembly itself is 345hz and you are evaluating it for 100hz.
  10. Could you also share .out file of the run?
  11. Please try plotting curve using h3d file.
  12. Could you please check the .log file generated in the directory .It should help you know the error .
  13. Please refer attached documents for joints and let us know if it helps. Joints.pdf
  14. Thanks for sharing the files.Shared .fem file gives different error in my machine.Which i feel is related to FE modelling. *** ERROR # 605 *** Element 808155 is referenced by STACK 1 (on PLY 20) and by STACK 2 (on PLY 28) simultaneously Could you give a try running same file in other directory and with different file name.
  15. You can use file assistant with vonmises stress for all elements and in the next step you could request for max .
  16. Unable to find the cause from the shared .out file. It seems you are using the latest version of OptiStruct. It would be great If you could also share complete .fem and .out file of the run.
  17. Could you please share the .out file of the run?
  18. Please don't use any special character while saving file or during analysis. I see you used brA1/4et as the name.....Just save file as bracket. It should run the analysis.
  19. Currently only coefficient of thermal expansion (TEXP) can be added to MATHE card.
  20. You could try Nonlinear Transient Analysis. Time Stepping schemes: Generalized Alpha Method (Default) Used for most nonlinear transient simulations “Light” numerical damping Backward Euler Method Useful for “quasi-static” post-buckling solutions “Heavy” numerical damping Dissipative and thus, highly stable
  21. If the node is common among different parts and you get an average value by part.If you select the option in contour panel average across component boundaries you will get one single value then you will just need to check the remove duplicates in the query panel.
  22. Did you try with the environment variable suggested above?
  23. I see some modelling issues in above shared model..I believe this you corrected and shared in below post. https://forum.altair.com/topic/37782-h3d-error/
  24. Just edit the EIGRL card..Just set the ND (no of modes) value to 25 and remove V1 and V2.It should run and generate h3d.
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