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  1. Above behaviour (Analysis ribbon & exchange of database from lower to higher version )is intended for Simlab 2019.3 with student edition license.If you are commercial customer and have access to Hyperworks unit license,then above behavior should not occur.


    Since this is the first release of Simlab Student edition, we dont allow exchange of database from full version to student edition.

    Altair SimLab enables users to model and solve multiple physics with the help of newly added Solution ribbon tab.In Simlab SE, objective is to use Solution browser for different physics.Once you define solution, relevant physics based loads & boundary condition will get enabled for the the further setup of analysis.


    For quick learning one could refer to below video for preprocessing/solving & post processing with Altair Simlab.

  2. Thanks for sharing the files.Shared .fem file gives different error in my machine.Which i feel is related to FE modelling.


     *** ERROR # 605 ***
     Element 808155 is referenced by STACK 1 (on PLY 20) and by
     STACK 2 (on PLY 28) simultaneously


    Could you give a try running same file in other directory and with different file name. 

  3. You could try Nonlinear Transient Analysis.


    Time Stepping schemes:

    Generalized Alpha Method (Default)

    • Used for most nonlinear transient simulations
    • “Light” numerical damping

    Backward Euler Method

    • Useful for “quasi-static” post-buckling solutions
    • “Heavy” numerical damping
    • Dissipative and thus, highly stable
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