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  1. You could use Altair Inspire for such kind of FE Analysis to incorporate kinematic mechanism with static and dynamic friction. Please refer below Youtube video.
  2. Please refer attached document for OptiStruct parallelization. OptiStruct Parallelization – Best Practices DDM .pdf
  3. Could you please share the screenshot of actual geometry?
  4. Please share the .out file of the run.
  5. Please refer below online tutorial using OptiStruct. OS-T: 1300 Direct Frequency Response Analysis of a Flat Plate Free ebook https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-learn-dynamic-analysis-with-altair-optistruct/
  6. What is your end objective from this analysis?
  7. Please refer the comment in below post for FASTCONT.
  8. Try to activate the 64-bit solver via the run options with the command "-i64".
  9. The symptoms associated with most convergence issues can be found in the *.out file.Please share the .out file of the run.
  10. Rahul R

    Error 312

    Please refer attached screenshot from online help for error 312.
  11. Please refer the material shared in below post for Nonlinear Direct Transient Analysis.
  12. The license is valid for 12 months.Latest version is 2019.Please request the licence again. https://altairuniversity.com/altair-student-edition-limitations/
  13. •Fast Contact is applicable when the only non-linearity in the model is contact. (no friction) CONTACT=SLIDE •Non-linear geometry and material are not supported
  14. l looked in to your model last week and it seems you have modelling issue. Elements are not interconnected in your model. Also there is some modeling guidelines for infinite elements. It would be good if look at speaker model from example guide which we shared earlier.refer Optistruct online help for details.
  15. We are working on your query.We will get back to you.
  16. In Optistruct use SPCD for enforced displacement, velocity or acceleration for dynamic analysis. The SPCD units for rotational degrees of freedom is radians.
  17. Just deactivate stress & strain output from global output request. Since this is a composite material CSTRESS & CSTRAIN should be fine.
  18. Still unable to find the required info.Could you save the study archieve in .hstx and share?(Save file where you have nominal and optimization run setup.
  19. Which version of HyperStudy you are using?2017.3 or 2019.0.I see you mentioned above as 2017.3 but i unable to open same in HyperStudy 2017.3.However it opens in 2019 & 2019.1 but there, i unable to track the optimization setup fully.Which algorithm you used for optimization?Please share the screenshot for evaluation data and iteration history of Evaluate step.
  20. Be sure to be using PBEAML type elements and also to create a Global Output Request Card with the STRESS enabled and the OPTION = ALL. You should be able to view shear in HyperView then.
  21. Please try Direct midmesh. Midmeshing : Automatically generate a mesh at the midplane location, directly from the input geometry (components, elements, solids or surfaces), without first creating a midsurface
  22. Thanks for sharing the files. Please update the element type to CHEXA for component name v_shell_lower/upper. Currently it is set to DHEXA8.
  23. Please make sure to set the analysis type as nonlinear static instead of generic in loadstep.
  24. Can you please share the .fem files for both case?
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