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  1. Hi, 1.If model having curvature and uneven phase.please use normal option.If pressure applying region is in one plane use vector option.But in your case you use normal option. 2.Pload4 type is used for hexa penta tetra quad and tria element. Pload is for only quad and tria. Pload1 for Bar and beam element. Refer Optistruct solver user guide for detailed information. Regards Rahul R
  2. Thanks for sharing youtube link for your requirement.We will get back to you. Regards Rahul R
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    Hi, In Hypermesh we have some colour terminology to represent CAD geometry. 1.Red colour indicates free egdes.It could be missing surface ,overlapping surfaces or unconnected surface etc. You can use geometry page:quick edit(filler surface,toggle edge) or edge edit: replace or equivalence command to correct geometry. 2.Green colour represent shared edges(surfaces are sharing at junction) 3.Yellow colour for t juction for mid surface part 4.Blue dotted line for supressed edge. We recommend you to go through some geometry cleanup tutorial to correct the above geometry.Once the geometry is enclosed with green colour it will be ready for 3D tetramesh(volume tera,automatic method)for meshing you can refer 3D meshing tutorial. Regards Rahul R
  4. Hi, Could you explain your requirement in detail? what i understood from your query is you want to highlight internal parts in assembly. For highlighting such parts you can use transparency option. Correct me if am wrong. Regards Rahul R
  5. Hi, If you are using optistruct solver to carry out analysis.In optistruct user profile you would find option to apply pressure on elements.pressure acts on element normal direction. Analysis page:pressure option is available. Select element and enter magnitude of pressure. Regards Rahul R
  6. GRNOD. Regards Rahul R
  7. You can choose set option in admass and create set of nodes using analysis page:entity set option. Regards Rahul R
  8. Hi, you can use scale option to scale the component with some units and then use a solid edit option or while importing you have the option to provide scale factor. let say while modelling in Cad you would have kept the units in meter.so if you want your model to be in mm, then give scale factor of 1000,for inches give scale factor of 25.4 that will bring model in mm. By the way what component you have with such small dimension?please crosscheck the thichkness with distance panel. Regards Rahul R
  9. Hi Jan, Could you please use CBEAM element instead of CROD element.CROD - a simple, axial bar element that supports only axial forces and torsional moments Currently in your model rotation are free for CROD end. Please restrict rotational degree of freedom (4,5,6) and give a try. Regards Rahul R
  10. Hi, My comments and suggestions is based on the assumption that you are using Radioss solver for RBody: 1.Create Rbody using 1d : Rigids:Multiple nodes with calculate node.(masternode should not e connected to any existing node in the component) 2.Avoid dependency(two dependent nodes should not mate in one region) let me know if it helps. Regards Rahul R
  11. Hi, Script Exchange is a value added initiative through which customers can upload or download scripts that help simplify their processes and reduce the effort of repetitive work. Registered users can post scripts, request for scripts or even ask questions about the scripts in the script exchange. Have a look at the script exchange here - http://www.altairhyp...??top_nav_str=1 \ Or go to http://www.altairhyperworks.com/ then go to resources > script exchange Similar washer script is available in script exchange.See the attachment. Regards Rahul R
  12. Hi Rajesh, Frequency response analysis is used to calculate the response of a structure under a harmonic excitation.The analysis is to compute the response of the structure, which is actually transient, in a static frequency domain. The loading is sinusoidal.(Time dependent or frequency dependent dynamic load) A simple case is a load that has amplitude at a specified frequency. The response occurs at the same frequency, and damping would lead to a phase shift.See the attachment.(OS-1300: Direct Frequency Response Analysis of a Flat Plate)Tutorial available for Optistruct solver Basically Normal modal analysis would give output as Frequency and mode shape.In frequency response case if excitation frequency is close to natural frequency of the component then it may cause resonance.To avoid resonance it is prequisite to perform modal analysis. Regards Rahul R
  13. Hi Pratik, I have attached screenshot of user guide information for form field.Let say if it is set to phase. then after solving it will help you to plot curve between phase angle versus frequency. The important results from frequency response analysis usually include the displacement, velocities and acceleration of grid points as well as the forces and stresses of elements.The computed response are complex numbers defined as magnitude and phase (with respect to applied force) or as real and imaginary components,which are vector components of the response in the real/imaginary plane.These quantities are graphically presented. Regards Rahul R
  14. Hi Pankaj, I hope you are refering to ADMASS on to the nodes in RADIOSS.Please click on 1D > admass option in HM. /ADMAS option and set the elem types to M-ADVO and then click on the radial button to apply mass on nodes / Sets / properties / materials / components. Method for making distributed mass, by using set as part. Select only one node..that is for visualization purpose.Hope this should help. Regards Rahul
  15. Hi Ravi, This is usually because of incorrect or insufficient BC's, Model not being connected properly with other components, incorrect model units etc.. To cross check, please run a free-free normal modes ( No BC's) extracting say some 20 modes and If possible please share us fem & out file. Regards Rahul R
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