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  1. Nonlinear Direct Transient Analysis: This solution sequence performs Large Displacement Nonlinear DirectTransient Analysis. To activate large displacement use PARAM ,LGDISP, 1 The predominant difference between NonlinearQuasi-static Analysis and Nonlinear TransientAnalysis is the inclusion of Inertia and Momentumterms in the solution of the Energy equation.
  2. I am able to run shared .stmod file with Inspire 2019.1 with slight modification.Is this happening for all Inspire optimization & analysis runs? If possible please share the license file you are using.
  3. Please check the below video from youtube.Presenter is talking moving & fixed skew from 25th minute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5gn6sRu4W8&list=PL1u26y75SCrA_BOCLaSewVCNY7xRvCTnA&index=3
  4. The contact stablilization energy is the energy dissipated/absorbed by contact stabilization. The strain energy as well as contact stab energy are total energy variables from start to current iteration, so cumulative.Curves are useful to check accuracy of model with contact stab. https://insider.altairhyperworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/TT-1318-OptiStruct-Stabilization-Energy-Output-for-SMDISP-NLSTAT.pdf
  5. Large Displacement (LGDISP) enables the recalculation of stiffness matrix to account for geometric nonlinearities. LGDISP can be applied globally or to a specific load case. Could you please share the .out file of the run?
  6. Please refer attached document and apply it in your model. General sanity checks.pdf
  7. I see that you have PARAM EXPERTNL,CNTSTB, can you try running it without this param.
  8. We have Bounding Box utility tool under AcuSolve profile, refer below screen shot.
  9. Do you have actual CAD model? In HyperMesh 2017 and 2019 we have some good features for 3d meshing.Fuse and 3d tet mesh with layers across thin region would be useful in your case.
  10. Under global output request : Displacement or Stress: Format:H3d
  11. Please try displacement constraints instead of enforced displacement for maximize stiffness case.
  12. Can you change the run directory (preferences: Run options : Run history path) and run again.If possible share .stmod file for quick look.
  13. This indicates you have some duplicate elements in your model (CTRIA3). Please delete and run again.
  14. Could you please refer some best practices for contact stabilization. Best practice Contact Stabilization.pdf
  15. Which version of OptiStruct you are using? Please share the .out file of the run.
  16. It seems bolt creation step was not done correctly and that's what is highlighted in above error. It failed to create bolts because of face was inverted in some region during the join process .Please use the updated .slb files. Motor_Acoustic.zip
  17. This is possible with OptiStruct.Please refer attached document from OptiStruct user guide. Linear Buckling Analysis.pdf
  18. Please refer below example from OptiStruct example guide.But that is solved using quasi static analysis. OS-E: 0115 Finite Sliding Contact What is output/end objective of your model? You can also do multibody simulation using Altair MortionSolve.
  19. Does it give any error in the message log of HyperStudy?If so please share the screenshot of same. Which tutorial & which version of HyperStudy you sre using?
  20. Which verion of HyperView and Optistruct you are using?If possible please share .out file of the run.
  21. Looks like you are running optimization run and it end up giving infeasible design. What type of analysis you are running?
  22. Could you please share the .fem file to take a quick look for your requirement?
  23. PFA sample example for Modal Transient Fatigue analysis. transient_sn_mcrv.fem
  24. Hope you have defined PARAM LGDISP 1 for large displacement analysis. Could also share the .out file of the run?
  25. PFB relevant file for Radioss. https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/radioss-sample-of-a-screwing-process/ https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/radioss-screwing-process-sample/
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