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  1. I believe you are looking for Prestressed Linear Analysis. Please check OptiStruct user guide for more details, bridge_model_preload.fem
  2. You could refer to HyperStudy quick start example where we have ply stack model, which covers ply thickness and stacking sequence as input variable. Hst Composite.mp4
  3. "Strange" behaviors in HW are usually due to corruption of the session files. Deleting the session files should restore HW to their original state. If it doest work then please switch to latest point release of that version.(HyperMesh 2017.2 or 2017.3)Latest version is 2019.0 Attached screenshot from HyperMesh 2017.2
  4. OptiStruct as implicit solver needs GPU cards with good double precision fp64 support. Quadro P series is mainly single precision card.Below is the peak speed of Quadro P5000. Fp32: 8.8TFLOPS Fp64: 0.3 TFLOPS You may try Tesla P and V series.
  5. Please check with the environment variable mentioned in below post.
  6. Refer below video for fatigue in Frequency domain using OptiStruct. https://www.altair.com/resource/extending-the-life-of-products-with-simulation-playlist?weight=4 Attached fem file for Sine sweep and Random response fatigue.Refer OptiStruct online help for more details. sine_seep_fatigue_spring_link_done.fem frame_frf_PSD.fem
  7. TIC V you can create from constraints panel & set the load type to TIC V.Sorry i cant provide you right now the hand calculation which we did to calculate Intial velocity, as i am away from office desk.However,I do have the math we performed in HyperGraph to crosscheck.PFA mvw file for same, Ganesh Accel to Intial velocity.mvw
  8. I got help from my colleague to calculate the initial velocity based on the given acceleration curve.I remember we provided initial velocity of -624.0 and with that we got proper oscillating plot.Attached is the fem file. trans_initial_velocity.fem
  9. Which version of OptiStruct you are using?Could you also share the .out of the run?
  10. This is only the description about how Optistruct works under certain constellations.Optistuct is choosing the right method for you automatically.There is no parameter for you to influence it.Use DOPTPRM, OPTMETH to change the default.
  11. Can please try this with latest version of HyperStudy 2019.1 or for 2017 version HyperStudy 2017.3 is the latest patch.
  12. Are you using HyperStudy Student Edition?
  13. Optimization Algoritms If the default settings fail to converge to a feasible solution, a different optimization algorithm can help Use DOPTPRM, OPTMETH to change the default For topology, free-size and topography optimization DUAL DUAL2 (default) – improved and more stable For size and shape MFD (default) SQP (default if equality constraints are present) BIGOPT Note:DUAL2 appears to be more stable than DUAL. Solution stability has been improved, reducing probability of failure in converging to a solution. For legacy reasons, the default CONLIN version remains DUAL. Use DUAL2 if Topology, Free-Size, or Topography optimization fails to converge
  14. Please change the element type to CQUAD4 using (2d:Element type) Currently you have CSHEAR element in your model.
  15. This model is from OptiStruct Example Guide. Bumper_OS_Impact.fem
  16. You can also run fatigue in frequency domain.Currently sine sweep and random response fatigue is available with OptiStruct 2017.2.2 or higher version. Please search with keyword sine sweep and random fatigue, you would get many relevant material for this topic in Support forum.
  17. Currently numerical precision is available only for specific option.We will let you know once the common numerical precision is available.
  18. what is the end objective remote forces and for what type of analysis you use remote forces?
  19. I tested this in EDU 2019 version and it works as expected. In the 2019 version we made changes in the graphic engine. Please test briefly if the environment variable HW_USE_OPENCL changes the behavior. Please do the following steps: 1. Stop all instances of HyperWorks 2. Set the environment variable to HW_USE_OPENCL=0 3. Start HyperWorks and check if the behavior has changed when clicking Grids. or Try updating graphic driver.
  20. Which version of HyperMesh you are using?(Student Edition or Full Version/2017 0r 2019) Share screenshot of Help: Updates and System and Information Operating System?
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