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  1. Are you requesting output for all nodes? If so ,then please request output for SET.
  2. Change the background colour Preferences : Colors :General : Change background1 color
  3. Which version of Inspire you are using ?Does it give any error ?Please share some more information.
  4. Undo is available for most of the features in Inspire. I guess in your case you have to come out from the polynurbs and execute the Boolean operation.I tested some example on 2019.2 Boolean operation for Polynurb with geometry and it works as expected.
  5. Can you try new mode tracking approach which is available for 2017.0 or higher version. FRA_Based_Mode_Identification (2).zip
  6. This you could achieve even without morphing....Use the translate & delete some existing mesh. With Morphing you could explore Map to Geometry option with domains and handle concept or Map to surfaces with fit to target(consider only individual planar or curved faces during morphing for map to surfaces). Refer Morphing tutorials & user guide for more help.
  7. Fem file you can import and save it in Hm file format.Attached hm file from Hypermesh 2019.1 version. tenbar.hm
  8. Verification Manual is part of Online help.If you have HW solver 2018 or higher version help files seperately installed, then you would find it from online help.
  9. Please refer to OptiStruct Verification problems.This manual presents solved verification models including NAFEMS problems. NAFEMS Dynamic Response Analysis
  10. Can you try thermal complaince(tcomp) instead of weighted compliance in the current setup.
  11. Try with Tools—> Orientation Review and choose the tab Material Orientation
  12. This was implemented in 14.0.Please refer attached material for Rbody. Rigid_bodies.zip
  13. This can be achieved in three loadstep. For gravity load use GRAV card and define first loadstep. For force load you can define second loadstep. To view the combined effect of gravity and force use LOAD/LOADADD card and define third loadstep for combined effect.
  14. Please refer to attached fem deck. LM.fem
  15. For rigid element no need to define property. For constant mass component create CG and connect Specimen/Constant mass component with RBE2 to the CG of constant mass. You could use CONM2 for concentrated mass.
  16. Please try with the below command OUTPUT,PROPERTY,ALL,BOTH
  17. Please find attached sample model for BIOT.Please also look at the user’s guide section of BIOT. Biot.zip
  18. To try this feature mesh should be enclose and element failing in aspect(sliver).
  19. You cannot use FASTCONT directly with FRF.Can you try FASTCONT by referring below example model. OS-E: 0305 Preloaded Modal Frequency Response Analysis PRELOAD_NLSTAT_MFRF.zip
  20. Can you please test this with the latest version of Altair Student Edition 2019.0. https://altairuniversity.com/free-altair-student-edition/
  21. Please refer Thermal Ebook. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-thermal-analysis-with-optistruct/
  22. Its not necessary that you would get peak stresses based on natural frequencies.Can you please share some more information related to inputs defined?(.fem & .out file)
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