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  1. Hi sir, Can anyone tell me how to convert the PSD (m/s2)2/Hz data in to the Acceleration (m/s2)
  2. Hi Sir, I performed the modal analysis using optistruct as a solver. Can you please tell me which mode is the natural frequency of the system? How many frequency I needs to extract. If (Freq. range is 10 to 1000). What is rigid body mode? Can I considered this modes to find out the response of the system while doing the FRA
  3. Hello, I want to know the procedure for performing the dynamic analysis of a component using the optistruct. The following are the conditions. 1. 50-500 hz frequency 2. 15g acceleration. Can you please let me know know how to perform the analysis. Regards, Rajesh.
  4. Dear rahul, In the example said by you, uniform structural damping coefficient is calculted but how to calculate this in my component. What value should I keep in WTM_V1?? Regards, Rajesh
  5. Dear rahul, I just want perform a analysis which is not depend on the time. Simple one cycle analysis using frequency range, amplitude. Regards, Rajesh
  6. Thanks a lot for the reply. The following are conditions for the analysis Sweep frequency -10-55-10hz Amplitude-5g Using these values how can i perform the frequency response analysis. Can you let me know where can i apply the load. As I said before my component is a headlamp of a car. Regards, Rajesh.
  7. Hello, I have query regarding frequency response analysis. My component is automobile lamp( eg: Head lamp of a car body) i have meshed the component using tetra mesh. i have performed the modal analysis. Now my query is using these frequency values obtained from the modal analysis i would like to know in detail how to perform Frequency response analysis. Please help me. Regards, Rajesh
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