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  1. Hi Adriano, I can't assign "Plate " component in Contact Type7 step. I think something wrong in create Fix node in Plate step. Could you help me check file attached Thanks advanced. Ball_plate02.hm
  2. THanks Koushik, I found "Boundary conditions" tool form Solver Brower. I doing create Fix node around "Plate " components : First time I create GRNOD/NODE then apply to Boundary conditios / BCS. But it doesn't get enough node that i have assign in "set1" (As bellow picture) So could you tell me what about that ?
  3. Hello, I'm doing impact simulation with Radioss setup in Hypermesh. But i can not find "BCs manage" tool to setup. Anyone using Hypermesh 2020 version here can help me ? Thanks advanced.
  4. Thanks Simon Križnik I will do it with your guide.
  5. So, How to do nonlinear buckling or post buckling analysis in Optitruct ? Thanks advanced
  6. when hyperworks 2020 version to be released ?
  7. you can choose Friction option In Feasibility tab (as below image). But in Tryout tab you can not use friction option. (not include in Tryout) I
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