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  1. I have a force vs displacement curve(curve is not linear) .I need to apply force using this curve .How can I acheive it. Kindly suggest me.
  2. Many thanks Prakash Presently i am working on composite leaf spring problem.I need a ply based. I would like to know how does the solver will solve MAT58.....whether it ll be ply based or zone based....
  3. Is it possible to create a bidirectional composite ply??? If possible. Kindly give me a supportive document/tutorial to learn on their details... PFA 2 orientation on a single element???
  4. Jones


    HI Prakash, I got a doubt reg the same, I have underwent many analysis on Mat 8 card with UD composites....As u are telling that if E11 & E22 are same,Software will consider it as bidirectional. How to assume the difference between UD and BD? will the same be reflected in the result?
  5. Jones


    Many Thanks Prakash. Could you please briefly explain ur answer I'm working on Zone based multi directional and bi-directional plies,in that case how many co-ordinate systems had to be created and How?? or send help link regarding that if poss. Regards, Jones
  6. How to set orientation for filament winding composites using type 11 card with mat 25 Plz brief on the use of P11_SH_SANDW card.
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