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  1. I want to export/output the mesh for some specific surfaces in a volume. For example, I have a cube and one inner surface inside the cube. Afte the meshing process, I just want to export the mesh for the inner suface? Is there a nice way to do it.
  2. Thanks for your help. But when I try to mesh it, it says the mesh is not enclosed. In my problem the inner surface is not intersect with the cube.
  3. I want to gnenerate volume tetrahedron mesh based on surface meshes. Let's say I creat a cube and a surface inside the cube, I first mesh the surface with tri mesh and then I want to mesh the whole volme base on the surface mesh I just create. Is there a way to do that in hypermesh. I tried to use 3D tetra volume mesh but it seems not wokring. Can someone give me some hints?
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