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  1. I finally got it work after a few tweeks on the test setup. I reduced the gap between the ball indenter and the panel from 1mm to 0.5mm. And in the PCONTX setting, I increased the GAP function from 0.5 to 2.0mm. So far, the analysis managed to complete its calculation. Thanks for all the help and guidance.
  2. Increased from 10 to 20. Still not successful.
  3. I used the DAREA, but somehow got the Non-convergent nonlinear iteration error.
  4. Do I change the DAREA to SPCD too? When I used DAREA, I got a fatal ERROR #4079, Non-convergent nonlinear iterations for subcase 1. When I used SPCD, I got ERROR #4028, No load is defined in NLGEOM subcase 1.
  5. Hye there, I'm a beginner user of the Hypermesh. I want to setup an analysis of a panel dentability simulation, using Optistruct. The load is applied via a ball indenter, with an initial 1mm gap between the panel and the ball indenter. The load of 200N applied perpendicular on the panel, and has to simulate a push/release action, so that a maximum and a permanent deformation of the panel can be determined. Model setup done: i) Since the panel will undergo plasticity and the load varies over time, I set the analysis for a NLGEOM loadstep. ii) A contact interface between the ball indenter and panel was generated. PCONT properties was used to replace the contact's property option. PCONT properties with active GPAD_OPT and PCONTX (STFAC=0.01 & GAP=0.5) iii) A TLOAD1 was setup, with the TABLED1 with values [X(1)=0,Y(1)=0], [X(2)=1, Y(2)=1] & [X(3)=2, Y(3)=0] iv) EXCITEID of TLOAD1 used DAREA load type, with dof x (local coordinate system, perpendicular to the panel) set to 200 (200N) v) NLGEOM(impl static) loadstep used. Inserted SPC,NLOAD (set to TLOAD1), NLPARM & TTERM=2.0 However, when I tried to run the analysis, ERROR #1388 popped up. Referenced ID 9 (ID of TLOAD1) in NLOAD, but missing in BULK DATA. When I change the load input to a displacement input, using NLOAD1 load collector with SPCD as EXCITEID, no error occurred during analysis computation. Please help me in determining what's needed to be changed. Shukri.
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