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  1. You can ignore my last post as I already have the answer to that one. The question at the start of the thread is still open.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know how RADIOSS calculates the characteristic element length of an 8-noded solid element? Regards
  3. Hi Rahul, I've attached the displacement contour plot, as well as the displacement function which was first imposed in the -X direction, followed by the +X (with the translation Z unconstrained). My regards XZ_rt.bmp
  4. I've attached the BCs and and the load applied, it is a one element model. Honeycomb material law (28) is used, with co-rotational formulation. The r,s,t are correctly defined, with 't' being the out-of-plane direction and 'r' and 's' being the in-plane. A solid orthotropic property was set for the honeycomb, and full integration was used. isolid 17 Ismstr 4 Iframe 2 Ip 1 Apart from the unexpected strain attached earlier, there is also another problem, where RADIOSS outputs (follows) the input XZ yield curve when the model is sheared in YZ, and outputs (follows) the input YZ yield when the model is sheared in XZ. Do you have an idea where the problem may lie? Thank you.
  5. Hi Rahul, Unfortunately I don't have access to any other file due to sharing policies. Just these two graphs. Best, Sushant
  6. Hello everyone, Please see the attached images. The RADIOSS solver is giving; a strain in Y direction (unexpected) when the model is sheared in XZ direction a strain in X direction (unexpected) when the model is sheared in YZ direction Has anyone already faced such an issue? Do you have an idea what's happening here? Best regards, Sushant
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