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  1. I am in a situation where I have 4 Load Steps on a model. One of the Applied forces in one of the load steps acts through an RBE3 spider. I have another load on another load step that acts also acts through a different RBE3 with some overlap nodes. Ideally I want the first RBE3 to be active during the first load step and not active during the second and visa versa. Is it possible to do this?
  2. I am in a situation where I Import a 3D surface geometry (closed) and do a 2D mesh on it. I move on to create a 3D mesh from a the 2D mesh. I delete the 3D mesh because my property is 3D. Now I go on to make a few connection using nodes and create some spiders. If I now want to change the geometry (mostly extend the geometry, that is leave the original meshed and add some more area to mesh [Think of it as adding design space for optimization]) is there a way for me to go back to the 2D mesh that is associated with the geometry so that I can make changes to it and later percolate that into the 3D mesh? I their the "faces" option but that firstly does not create a closed geometry and secondly it is not associated with the geometry, so I can't really create 2D mesh out of it. If I use the 2D mesh again options that nodes of the spiders and other connections (such as contacts) are not maintained. I feel like there is an easy solution to this that I am not able to figure.
  3. Altair Home: C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0 Updates Information: ------------------------------------------------------------ acusolve13.0 hwdesktop13.0.110 hwdesktophelp13.0.110 hwsolvers13.0.210 hwsolvershelp13.0.210 sTDesign2014_3969_hw13.0 Versions: ------------------------------------------------------------ e_13.0_win64.exe: (May 05 2014) hgtrans.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hmobj.dll: (Jan 6 2015) hmopengl.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hst.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hstbatch.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hstdss.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hvp.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hw.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hwmbdmodel.dll: (Jan 6 2015) hwplot.dll: (Jan 6 2015) hwplot3d.dll: (Jan 6 2015) hwpost.dll: (Jan 6 2015) hwtext.dll: (Jan 6 2015) hwvideo.dll: (Jan 6 2015) hwx.exe: (Jan 6 2015) hx_13.0.210_win64.exe: 13.0.0 (Dec 10 2014) hx_13.0_win64.exe: (May 22 2014) nusolver.dll: 13.0 (Jul 3 2014) optistruct_13.0.210_win64.exe: (Jan 12 2015) optistruct_13.0_win64.exe: (Jul 16 2014) templex.exe: (Jan 6 2015)
  4. Ok. I switched these 2 things ok in the control cards. Now how do i view these results? I chose : SPCFORCE H3D REAL All ALL
  5. Analysis > Temperatures > Create should do it.
  6. Hi, I have been trying to run some shape optimization and when I try to run it I see this error which I can not make sense out of. *** ERROR # 192 *** Possible programming Error : Unexpected error condition from subroutine xdslvf. ioerr(1) = -404 ioerr(2) = 1 This error occurs in module "lstatdrv". __________________________________________ The check runs is fine and the analysis is also ok. What does this error mean?
  7. Hi, Suppose I have a simple model of a body supported at a point with a 123456 dof constraint. How do I query the forces and moments at the constraint. Similarly if I have 2 bodies connected to on another using RBE2 elements, how do I query the force that the RBE2 (I think of it as a constraint) see's or more precisely the node of the RBE2 sees?
  8. You can change the X Co-ordinate by using the Defined Curves panel after the template loads. This is the third button in the tool bar and is a curve with an green x on top of it (13.0). Once in the panel you can choose your curve and change the x axis of it.
  9. I have a situation where I have 100+ components in a model. I want to pick a surface using the GUI and figure out which component it belongs to. How do I do this? Colour does not help because there are so many components.
  10. Hey, I am going to update here because I ran into the same problem and hit a solution after a lot of trial and error. The things that solved it for me was to use the PBARL property card instead of the PBAR property card. I am hoping there is an analogous card called PBEAML as well. After this make sure that you are using the "Standard section Library" = Optistruct, this should give you the Von Mises for 1D elements. <If posting a screenshot on this forum were easy I would post one> Make sure yo have the Stress = Yes output request switched on of the load step.
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