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  1. mesh all surfaces then used cfd tetra mesh but boundary layer is not good on baffle, any tutorial or guidance shows how to use model baffles
  2. Hi I have volume with baffle inside, I am not able to get a proper boundary layer on the baffle , please see the figure
  3. I have cfd analysis data, I am not sure how this could be used in Acufwh , also what is the form of microphe file, is there any sample show how to write this file. regards Ahmed
  4. I am modelling air in exhaust duct , I have a problem of residual error of temperature and eddy viscosity do not go below 0.01. however the convergence of pressure and velocity achieve 0.001 is there any reason for that and what proper initiation of eddy viscosity (does it activated in node initialization) kind regards
  5. Hello 1. I am trying to model flow in exhaust gases with acusolve, I have inlet and two oulets , I am not sure in this case if backflow should be activated in the outlets or not , what is the difference between area exit option and mass flux option ,..... Also the tempearture is diffcult to converge compared to other variables pressure, velocity ,eddy viscosity. I found the initial temperature in the conjugate heat transfer tutorial is not changed (set to zero) do I need to change initial temperature from nodal initial condition. Please advise me how to upload the acusolve to revise the model settings. Is it better to send it to your dropbox. the model produce temperatures far from reality with negative values . the gases are temperature of 550 K and the velocity is 40m/s at inlet, cooling flux of walls was set to -2500 W/m2 2. I would like to ask how to make acusolve start solving from last solution and not from run zero. 3. I would like to ask if you are setting convective cooling coefficient to 25 W/m2.K and ambient temperature to 303. do I need to leave the flux to zero. Please advice how to make secure transfer of the acuconsule file to be revised.
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