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  1. Hi, How to merge all animation files into a .h3d file? Thanks , Narasimhamurthy
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. Solid elements are showing exact stress, what I want. Shell elements are showing slightly more than solid elements. For the safe side, I am preferring shell elements for Fatigue.
  3. Hi, i am also getting same issue, please find attached .log and flex.out files. tried with different integrator tolerance but getting same error. Thanks. Cam_pin_pinf100.log flex.out
  4. Thank you, Tried this method. extracted contact force from Hyperview as shown in below picture. force created by using linear interpolation option. but handle showing different values and direction. will it make peak force to average force depend on number for nodes? how to change direction of force?
  5. Hi, I am doing fatigue analysis on solid elements component and defined shell elements in FATDEF. In static analysis, shell elements and solid elements are showing different stresses. so which stress will be considered for damage and life calculation? Thanks, Narasimhamurthy
  6. Hi, how to map contact forces from Radioss solver to Optistruct solver and need to do Fatigue analysis by using those contact forces. Regards, Narasimhamurthy
  7. how do i get these options in Hyperworks 2019.1X ? Regards, Narasimhamurthy
  8. i am using 2019.1 version. i do not have permission to share full model. please share case studies, which are related to Deformable surface.
  9. Hi, i am trying to do rigid and flexible body contact. but getting error message, while creating Deformable surface through Macro - create Deformable surface from FEM as shown in picture. can't read "Num_Occ()": no such element in array can't read "Num_Occ()": no such element in array while executing "if { $Num_Occ($NextRowPointer) == 1 } { set MarkerNodeList([expr $NumMarkerRows + 1]) $NextRowPointer ..." (procedure "::model::_private::Surface_Macro::CreateMarkers" line 264) invoked from within "::model::_private::Surface_Macro::CreateMarkers" ("eval" body line 1) invoked from within "# Compiled -- no source code available error "called a copy of a compiled script"" (procedure "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton" line 1) invoked from within "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton 0 .modelPanel.surfCreate.bottom.btnGenerate" (command bound to event) Please give suggestions to eliminate this error. Thanks, Narasimhamurthy
  10. is there any solution to solve this error?
  11. removed all PARAM and output request. but error not yet solved. MNGFRend.out MNGFRend.stat
  12. not yet solved. Please find attached output file and stat file. MNGFRend.out MNGFRend.stat
  13. getting same error again. M-NG-FR-end.out M-NG-FR-end.stat
  14. Defined PARAM, LGDISP, 1 but getting same error. Please find attached output file. M-NG-FR-end.out
  15. Hi, i am performing buckling analysis but getting error as show in below. *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "xdsemx_i8.F", at location # 262. ioerr(1) = 1 **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO AN INTERNAL ERROR **** i am using Optisrtuct 2018 version how to solve this error? Thanks and Regards, Narasimhamurthy M-NG-FR-end.out
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