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  1. Hi Prakash, here is the out file, but because of the termination of the simulation due to this error you will only see the errors that I've already written in the first post. Below the out file you will find the input file too. forum_out.txt forum_input.txt
  2. Hi everyone, I'm conducting coupled thermal/structural stress analysis using Optistruct. As structural loads, I have spcs (load collector:spc) and a rotational force (load collector:rotation using RFORCE as card image).As a thermal load I've linear temperature on the nodes belonging to one surface. For the thermal stress analysis, I've created another load collector named 'temperature' and then I've defined on the nodes linear temperature using the temperatures panel. The load type was set to TEMP according to tutorial OS-1100: Thermal Stress Analysis of a Printed Circuit Board with Anisotropic Material Properties. Then for the load step, I'm creating a single load step using analysis type 'linear static' defining the spcs and loads(rotation) and in the TEMP section I'm choosing 'temperatures' from the load collectors. However I become the following error: *** ERROR # 4800 *** Grid 15361 connected to element 44763 has no temperature specified in load set 3. To apply zero temperature on this grid, SYSSETTING,undeftemp,zero needs to be added to the deck. Can anyone help me solving this problem? Best Regards Mert
  3. Hi Rahul, thank you very much for your answer.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm conducting a steady-state heat convection simulation with Optistruct and wondering if I can see the temperatures after the analysis in a text file? Best Regards, Mert
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a model for an optimization problem and in the model I have CHBDYE surface elements for the heat convection. When I try to run the optimization, I get the error message 'CHBDYE surface element can't exist in topology or free-size design domain.' Does it mean that I can't have those elements on my design space or should I define them in another way? Best Regards Mert
  6. Hi everyone, is there any way to create an ambient temperature, which is defined by a linear function, using Optistruct? After that, I need to define this convection boundary condition to the CHBDYE surface elements. Something similar is discussed in the OS-1085: Linear Steady State Heat Convection Analysis tutorial, but with a constant ambient temperature, which is created on one node, and this boundary condition is applied on the surface elements using that only one node. Best Regards, Mert
  7. Pahul, I'm sorry but it doesn't work. I've tried to select all nodes on the side of the cylinder by the way you described and it worked, but by the same way i can't select all elements. Do you have any opinion why it doesn't work for the elements? I appreciate your help. Best Regards Mert
  8. Hi Paul, thank you for your quick answer. I've tried your suggestion, but after selecting elements > by face > then click on one element on that surface, it selects only the element that i've clicked on. Can you please tell me how i can go to the settings in the option panel and maybe set them to default. Thank you. Best regards, Mert
  9. Hi everyone, I am trying to create CHBDYE surface elements for heat convection problem. Therefore i'm creating an interface and in the Slave Entity IDs i must choose elements on a cylindrical surface. I've already tried the elements by geoms and then surfaces but i couldn't select the all elements on the side of the cylinder. How can I choose these elements in a short way? I would appreciate any tips and tricks. Best Regards, Mert
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