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  1. I want to simulate in Hypermesh the constraint, in a cilinder, due to the presence of bolts. To do this I created a geometrical node in center of the cilinder with a constraint of all 6 DOF, and then used rigid element (RBE2) to connect the node with all nodes in the surface of the cilinder, as shown in this picture: results in Hyperview show a very strong vonMises stress in the external part of the cilinder. I think this result does not represent reality because the stress should be uniform along the bolt. there are other way to modeliza the interaction between structure and bolts? thanks
  2. thanks I solved the problem with this script!
  3. yes! I need to create bar2 element with linemesh, but i need lines. I'm sorry but I can't access the script exchange because I'm a student, not a costumer.
  4. Hi all! I'm a student very new to HyperMesh, and I need to solve my doubt. There is any chance to create linemesh from nodes to a single node? I saw this function for rigids with dependent/independent nodes. thanks Dario
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