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  1. We all know that hyperwork is unitless. But then i face an inconsistency in importing my geometry into hypermesh. I import same geometry, one in the form of Nx part file, another one is in parasolid, both with exactly same geometry. The geometry of part file after imported into hypermesh will have exact the same size as in Nx( let say the length is 100mm in Nx, the length after imported into hypermesh is 100). But if i import the parasolid geometry with length of 100mm into hypermesh, the length would appear as 0.1 instead of 100. How can i solve this inconsistency? It is important for me to standarise everything without using the scaling factor as i need to automate my process. I would use both Simlab and Batchmesher in my process, the inconsistency is a very big problem.
  2. I am running a transient dynamic solution with enforce displacement. Is that possible that i am able to run my solution for 3 second with bigger timestep and then finer timestep for the next 3 second?
  3. Hi, even after i put in the card and adjust accordingly, i still cannot read the progress while it solving step by step. Besides, the result will only written by the solver after it finish the solution. Any setting that i can set so that i can monitor the progress step by step, so that i know when it might went wrong.
  4. Hi, I am running direct transient solution with enforced displacement in Optistruct. In the middle of solution, i am unable to track the solving steps from time to time while the solver is running. I only able to get the result at the end of solution but unable to check the progress with .out file. Besides, i cannot find the solving steps, convergence text in the .out file. The solver progress is important to me to estimate the time used per time step to furter preduct the totao solution time. Can someone give me some advices on this issues?
  5. I am running transient vibration analysis in radioss by enforcing displacement on my object. I am very new to it and i am not sure how to justify the energy error as my energy error start from 0% and then decrease till - 98.1% as in attachment. Is that signify that my solution is not accurate?
  6. Hi, Anyone know how to convert acceleration data to displacement time dat ain hypergraph with the function of zero mean after conversion? As if i simply double integrate it, displacement data are not vibrate in zero mean level while in real case, it should vibrate in zero mean level.
  7. Hi, thanks for your relply. Will the solution to file reading limit available in next upcoming minor updates or we need to wait for next major updates in Hyperworks 14?
  8. Hi, I face problem in reading output file from radioss using hyperview. I have output 16000 file but when i open hyperview, it can only read up to 999 files although there are 16000 physical output file from radioss. I have tried the HVTRANS but unfortunately i also cannot select all of my 16000 output for conversion also. Can anyone enlighten me?
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