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  1. Hello, I have created this TCL script, which should check, if a certain ID for a specified entity-type is free and if not provide the next free one. proc check_ID {entity_type target_ID} { *createmark $entity_type 1 $target_ID set mark_list [hm_getmark $entity_type 1] *clearmark $entity_type 1 if {[llength $mark_list] > 0} {return 0} return 1 } proc next_free_ID {entity_type target_ID} { hm_usermessage "Finding next free ID for $entity_type $target_ID" silentmode_start while {![check_ID $entity_type $target_ID]} {incr target_ID} silentmode_stop return $target_ID } proc silentmode_start {} { *entityhighlighting 0 hm_commandfilestate 0 hm_blockmessages 1 hm_blockerrormessages 1 hm_blockredraw 1 hwbrowsermanager view flush false hm_setmouse 0 } proc silentmode_stop {} { *entityhighlighting 1 hm_commandfilestate 1 hm_blockmessages 0 hm_blockerrormessages 0 hm_blockredraw 0 hwbrowsermanager view flush true hm_setmouse 1 } puts [next_free_ID "elems" 5000] The problem is, this script is very slow. Already on a small model with about 10000 elements it takes a long time to run, or Hypermesh freezes completely. Is there any way how i can make this run faster? For example the renumber-function in Hypermesh can do basically the same thing, but in real time. Thanks & Best regards
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