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  1. Hi Prakash Pagadala, Thank you for your answer! I solved the problem by exporting the bodies one by one. But I have another problem, there are many elements in the mesh which have all nodes on the wall, so the flow calculation gets inaccurate (the flow front freezes near the wall instantly). I tried to solve it with some mesh settings, for example set the elem quality target to tet collapse minimum 0.9, but it did not help. Could you please help me to solve my problem? Regards, Béla
  2. Hi, I try to make a core shift simulation (multiple bodies) in Moldflow with boundary layers. I used the boolean operation to find the common faces and meshed them after this. The nodes look good, I do not see any intersection or failure, but in Moldflow I always get an error: ** ERROR 304717 ** A node has been found which belongs to both a part element and another element which is not in the part. This is not supported. Please check the mesh connectivity and the element property types. Does anybody know, how can I fix this? Regards, Béla
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