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  1. Hello, the input is .igs file of helmet from 3D scanner. The helmet have air hole/vent, I need to run thermal analysis when there is air flow ( mimic the event: when motorcyclist riding a motorcycle and wearing the helmet). Then the final output is thermal mapping. Please help!
  2. Thank you for replying! I cannot see which one is related to my case study here. Can you please suggest one that related to mine. Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, I am undergoing master in university right now and my title of my research is "OPTIMISING THE COMFORT IN MOTORCYCLE HELMET BY THERMAL/MOISTURE MAPPING". It is all about the effect of temperature inside the motorcycle helmet during riding a bike. Therefore, it is related to CFD which will effect the thermal energy inside/outside the helmet. The question is, how should I approach this type of case study using HyperWorks? I would be great if you guys attach some of tutorials. - example of vented motorcycle helmet image attached () plus I tried this tutorial (http://training.altairuniversity.com/analysis/thermal/projects/thermal-analysis-heat-transfer/) using HyperWorks version 13 but I stuck with assigning "Conductivity" Tutorials () Mine () Thanks. Mixi
  4. Hello there, I cannot find one in my directory; following yours.
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