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  1. Hello! Does anybody know if it exist a function to know the ID of which solid a line belongs?. I´m spliting a solid, and when use the *body_split_with_swept_lines command the ID´s of my principal solid changed. So I´m trying to know the knew ID of my principal solid if I just choose an edge of the solid. Thanks.
  2. I´m defining contact surfaces but if the user don´t select 3 nodes that define a face of an element (C3D10M) I get en error and stop my script. I wonder if is there a tcl funtion/command to evaluate if 3 nodes are defining a face. Does someone have an idea? thank you.
  3. Hello Everybody, I´m a new user of scripting for hypermesh. I would like if someone here knows if it is possible to display a button while a script is running in order to let the user the chance for stop the script. Thank a lot.
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