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  1. Rahul, I found another panel for spot welds that does include an option to "build systems". I didn't realize that sometimes there are slightly different panels for what seems like the same task. Thank you - you have made my day! Diane
  2. Rahul, Thank you for the help. I should have mentioned that I am using v11 Hypermesh. I do not have the "options" button. Instead, there is a dropdown menu for No systems, single system, 1 sys per layer, or 2 sys per layer. When I choose one of the sys choices, I do not see any systems being created. Maybe I am not understanding the drop-down menu choices? Kind regards, Diane
  3. Hi, I have several curved surfaces in a Hypermesh shell model (user profile is Nastran). I want to connect several different components together with spring elements. I would like to define a local system at each node on a line(s) which could be assigned/used for the spring elements. Can anyone help with a way to automate this process? I am using Hypermesh v11. Any help is appreciated!
  4. How can you automate the creation of the local system for welds or in my case, springs? I have rivets along a line on a curved surface and would like to create local systems perpendicular to the surface on each node. Thanks!
  5. I would like to create several local coordinate systems on a curved surface that has nodes on it at the center of boltholes. I have been able to setup 3 vectors at each node but cannot figure out how to create the systems using these vectors. Obviously, I am a beginner. Can someone provide guidance? Thank you!
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