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  1. Sirs, i have question about data ploting in batch mode. I wrote some simple script to read model and results, prepare some dirived cases and then plot curve and export it. It works perfectly if it runs in gui mode. But there is issue with batch mode. Page1 GetAnimatorHandle Animator1 puts [Animator1 GetMode] #first try Animator1 SetInterpolationMode "transient" #second try Page1 SetAnimationMode "transient" puts [Animator1 GetMode] ###Output: # static # static Above part of script always set animator mode to static... the expected result is transient mode of animator to plot whole curve not just one point. Has anybody similar issue? Thanks in advance for help Regards Maciej
  2. You can run tcl script in batch mode, and then evertyhing can be done using tcl scripting Regards Maciek
  3. Hi, i would like to add SPC1 card for nastran template, can somebody give me short advices, or maybe share some example? I have a look at nastran template in istalation directory, but it is very complex. maybe it is possieble to include my new SPC1 card in external file. Thanks in advance for any comments and advices Regards!
  4. Thanks a lot for such a quick answer! by the way, is there full API for hwt package available? Or that what is in HW GUI Toolkit in examples is all? Regards and nice weekend Maciej
  5. I have question about events binding to htw::TkTable. I would like to execute procedure when cell value is changed. Is it possible to bind "on edit" event to procedure? Thanks in advance for answer Maciej
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