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  1. Thank you for the response. we have a representative coming to headquarters next week for a class in OptiStruct. At that time she'll be picking up the latest version for testing here.
  2. "***ERROR # 61 *** No elements found in the input data." pops up when using the Optistruct Solver All the solver locates are the grid points and the program data ends there. I'm not seeing any elements, this is strange.
  3. An update: I have tried running several models with and without beams. Also, have followed the Altair University instruction for modeling step by step with a provided tutorial that runs optimization with Optistruct. Still errors with a built-to-succeed tutorial. There is definitely an issue, can anyone help? It appears to be a ubiquitous error, perhaps with setup of the program or my operating system (Mac OS X 10.10.3)
  4. When running the optimization feature with Optistruct an error appears at the bottom of the screen, "Unknown beam section data type 'part_InitLengtangeLength' found in file." I'm using a beam section and bar elements to model a rod that transmits stress to the core design. No clue what this means the only issue in model checkers is "RBE3 elements are collinear" and i'm not sure if that could be the cause of the issue. It's just happens to be simultaneous issue in HyperMesh. I'm using RBE3 elements wagon wheeled on a Shell Meshed Midsurface in bore holes to simulate bolts. If anyone has some experience with these issues and could assist me it would be appreciated.
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