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  1. Hi @Peter Futter, I think you have attached the wrong file (its the same as the one I sent you). Can you please check? Many thanks.
  2. Hi @Peter Futter Please find attached the lua file. I think some modifications would be required to get a table of TR coefficients and frequency. Untitled2.lua
  3. Hi @Peter Futter I didn't find TRCoefficientCollection in the FEKO help section but I found the user manual where I got some info on TRCoefficients. I have written a script and I am now getting the following error. It would be great if you can please have a look at the attached snapshot and suggest the changes. Many thanks.
  4. Hi @Peter Futter Thank you for your response. I will try the suggested method. Also, can you please let me know where can I find this "You can find an example of working with TR coefficients with Lua in the user manual under the TRCoefficientCollection.". Is it in the FEKO install directory or somewhere else ? Regards
  5. Hi, I am interested in .lua script which can help me read Transmission and Reflection Coefficients into HyperStudy. I normally use .out file for reading the TR coefficients but the use-case is bit different. Use-case : instead of picking a single min. value of reflection from .out file & optimizing thickness for further minimizing that value. I want to select a range of values for reflection and optimize thickness for minimizing all of them. It would be great if If anyone from the forum can provide a .lua script for extracting the TR coefficients. I was told to access the reflection/transmission coefficient via LUA and define a “table t ” that contains the entries of the reflection coefficient versus e.g. frequency. Any help on the same would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I want to create weighted compliance response for the load steps. But , when I try to create weighted compliance and click on load steps- I am getting a message - 'THERE ARE NO VALID LOAD STEPS IN THE MODEL. Background on load steps and load collector : I have 1). Pressure load , 2). Localized pressure load and , a third load collector is created with 'LOAD ' card image to combine these two loads. (snapshot 1 ) Now, I created one more localized pressure load and combined with (1) using one more load collector with 'load' image. Load steps were created for each of the loads 1, 2 , 3 and 4. Else - even if I am just creating two random loads and creating corresponding load step for them. I Still get the same message of NO VALID LOAD STEPS Can somebody tell how to sort this issue ? What can be the reason behind this problem? Looking forward to a timely response. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to do this in HyperMesh ? Else, please suggest some other approach to do the same mentioned in the previous message ? Really looking forward to a response. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I have the aircraft model meshed with solid elements. Now , I want to create a void (cabin) in the model so that it doesn't be a part of optimization process. I know I can use organize to do the same. But, concern is - I am interested in organizing only the elements which are at a distance of 50mm from the top and bottom surface of the model . Issue is how to just select only elements between this limit of 50 mm ? (snapshot attached) Because I want elements which will be in 50 mm range only to be part of optimization and the rest selected elements between top and bottom in non-design. I have already tried the organize approach, it just selects all the elements in that region. Doesn't allow me to leave elements which are in 50mm range from top and bottom. Is it possible to do this ? Or please suggest any other approach of doing the same. Looking forward to your response. Thank you.
  9. Hi , I want to select elements, which are at a distance of 50mm from the top and bottom surface of the model. My aim is to transfer solid elements from the design space into the non-design space. Since , I have solver deck so there is no geometry available to create the void. Problem is : how to select elements which are at 50 mm and cover region having dimensions 22 X 20 m. The existing model is in metre. Is there anyway to do the same in HyperMesh? Looking forward to your response. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I want to create point loads on my model. I have variable pressure distribution on my aircraft model and I am interested in replacing the pressure on the lower surface of the model with a point load , having 1.5 times the magnitude of one existing on the upper part, in one side of the model . In short, I am interested in creating unsymmetrical load. How can I create point loads using RBE2/RBE3 element ? I have no clue how to do this because I just know that I need to have RBE2/RBE3 to do this ? Is my understanding correct ? And , is there any way I can create symmetry so that I can create the same point load in other half of the model? Looking forward to a timely response . Thank you.
  11. It would be nice if somebody can give feedback on this problem and suggest, what needs to be done to get the pressure values.? During import, pressure location is correct but pressure value is coming zero. Really looking forward to some quick feedback due to strict time line. Thank you.
  12. Hi Rahul, I was able to do that through approximation. But , I just noticed that, when I go to count option in tools. I see no count in geometry. How can this be possible? The geometry was exported to Inspire and after meshing , I used .FEM file generated to open in HM. Is it something I need to worry about ? will it effect optimization ? I am supposing yes .. Can you help with this? Looking forward to a timely response. Thank you. Garima
  13. Hi Rahul, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am interested in doing topology optimization of the entire aircraft . OK , but next concern is : How to select only engine elements? Because whole aircraft is meshed as one component, in Inspire. And, If I select manually , there are chances that I might miss some small elements or some background elements may also get selected. Can you help with this. Looking forward to a timely response. Thank you. Garima
  14. Hi, I want to assign non-design property to the engines in my aircraft model. As,I realize during optimization run that I don't need the engines to be part of the optimization process. But, I have already done the following steps: 1. All the components are combined as a single solid using Boolean option in HM. 2. Exported the parasolid file and created mesh in 'INSPIRE' and exported FEM from Inspire. 3. Then , extracted faces in HM. 4. Run the model in VWT for CFD. 5. Imported loads from VWT to HM. Is there way, I can put engines in the non-design space now ? OR is there any other way to make the engines to NOT to be part of the Optimization process. I am really short on time. It would be really nice , if somebody can provide support in this context. Looking forward to a timely response. Thank you. Garima
  15. Hi, When I am importing the pressure extracted from the VWT analysis to the model in HyperMesh. I am getting the value of pressure as zero and in contour loads option - I get 'no results available for contour'. I have used AcuOut to export 'pressure' in 'table' format and 'nodal Output' type . I can see pressure values in the .OUT file but when I am importing , no pressure values are being assigned to PLOAD4. (Snapshot attached). I had earlier raised this query in AcuSolve forum but they have suggested to put it in this forum. How can I solve this issue? It would be nice , if somebody can help in sorting this problem. Looking forward to a timely response. Thank you. Garima
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