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  1. Hi Prakash Pagadala, Thank you for your answer. I used SPOTflag = 0 because i want rotational degrees of freedom to be transmitted. But I tried now SPOTflag = 4 result is still the same. The drawing at my first message shows that i dont want. I want beam end rotates with shell?
  2. How can i connect beam element with shell element in explicit analysis? I want all forces in 6 dofs can be transmitted between beam and shell. I tried using rbody, select shell nodes and one of the beam node as slave but beam starts to rotate while analysing. Then, tried type 2 contact but it is still the same. Are there any other solution? i attached a drawing.
  3. I can't install hw 11 on windows 8. I get java error at the beginning of the installation. How can i install it?
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