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  1. That's it After cancelling GPFORCES request, problem was resolved. Thank you very much for your support
  2. Yes, the model includes 2nd order elements as usual but the difference is this model also has RBE3 elements. We had so many NLSTAT runs with 2nd order tetra elements, but we got this error for the first time when RBE3 elements are used. Regards.
  3. Hi Prakash, I also changed the working directory with shorter path by changing the computer, but it didn't work. Unfortunately, the model file is too large to share. Thanks for your support. Regards.
  4. Hello all, I get error code below after a converged NLSTAT analysis, hence result files could not be written. Same problem occurs after restart run of last increment of that analysis on different workstations (there is plenty of disk space by the way). *** Nonlinear solution has converged *** (Scratch disk space usage for starting iteration = 2679 MB) *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "virfile.c", at location # 318. Attempt to read past file size ************************************************************************ OptiStruct error termination report printed to file "TRS30_YS_R4-TYX_RBE3_restart.stat". NLSTAT_run.out NLSTAT_run.stat
  5. Hello all, Is there any way to resume interrupted jobs because of unintentional reasons (PC failure, electricity loss, license server loss etc) in Opstistruct? Especially for NLSTAT analyses. Thanks in advance. Regards, Yetkin Hamurisci
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