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  1. Dear all, I was trying to obtain the name of current model using tcl/tk, I only need the name of the model not the full path. For example if we saved the model as 1d_beam.hm, I wanna obtain this "1d_beam" using tcl/tk. I thought this will be simple but spent couple hours could not find the corresponding entity for this. Does anyone has a clue on this problem? Regards, Chong
  2. Hi Tinh, Thanks a lot, you are always helpful to me. A small issue here, do you know how to show a result in a undeformed configuration in hyperview? After I loaded the result, the structure shape changed, is there a way I can see the results upon the undeformed shape? Best Regards, Chong
  3. Dear Tinh, Again thanks for the reminding. I got it done by generating a hwascii file and then change can be applied and loaded back. Do you know the tcl command to launch hyperview and load my h3d model file and hwascii result file? I wish to have this automatically when i get the result file. Best Regards, Chong
  4. Hey, Tinh Thanks a lot~~That works just well. I feel that without your help, I could have not gone anywhere for my project. -) Here is another question, are there any commands that I can use to modify some of the nodal or elemental values inside the results file? Just like in Ansys, we have DESOL and DNSOL to defines or modifies solution results at a node of an element. I wish I can do this in Hyperworks too. Best Regards, Chong
  5. Hey, Tinh I finished that template file, thanks for your help. However when I was trying to call the same data in another tcl file, I encountered some trouble. My metadata is formed in a doublearray with 22 elements in undef type. Is there a way I can get the first element from it. I tried using hm_metadata findbytype undef, it returns the whole thing but after that I tried couple commands like *hm_getentityvalue and so on to get the first component, none of them recognize the entity type undef, do you have a clue on this? Regards, Chong
  6. Hi, I found another better way to do this by select them by their coordinates in order to choose the right ones. Thanks a lot, Tinh Regards, Chong
  7. Dear All, I have a question about *createmark. I think this question may be fundamental but since I am new to tcl/tk scripting language, I really need some help with this. Assume I have chosen a set of nodes by using tcl command as follows: *createmark nodes 1 "on plane" 0.5 0 0 1 0 0 .0001 1 1 # choose all nodes in that plane For example in hypermesh it came out with *createmark nodes 1 1-40 121 134 Is there a way that I can select the first and second nodes (1 and 2) inside this mark that I just created and store them into a new mark? I know we can select by choosing them by hand but what I need is a macro that can handle multiple different models so I need to select them using this order.
  8. Hi, all Is there a way that I can couple dofs of nodes in Hypermesh like what we do using ANSYS under the command Coupling/Ceqn. I will be appreciate for your help in advance. Best Regards, Chong
  9. I still have some trouble write that metadata out in template file I have the following in my tcl file: *createmark solids 1 "all"; *metadatamarkint solids 1 "microflag" 3; *metadatamarkint solids 1 "constflag" 4; -Assuming I added two integer flags onto all the solids How do I output those two datanames in template? I was trying to use metadata() but did not figure out how to only output these two datanames without those solids ids, do you know how to do it?
  10. Finally I figured out this problem. By clicking the option menu on Hyperworks, it only renumbers the solverid which applies *renumbersolverid but when I use the command *renumber instead, the id rearranged from 1 to max_number.
  11. Hi, Tinh Is there certain way that I can save some variable into Hyperworks and use template to write out the value of that variable? Just like wut we did for gemeotry.
  12. Dear all, I am trying to recall the value of one variable which is obtained inside one of the TCL files in template file. For example, the variable name is $question, which can be obtained inside usr/11.0/hm/scripts/equation.tcl. Then in the template file .tpl I will need to output that value into a output file, how do I get that value. I tried to set question as global variable in tcl file but it seems not working. Can anyone help? Regards, Chong
  13. Hi Tinh, By the way, I have trouble renumbering the elements in hyperworks. I have a 3d structure that I created some 2d elements to refine my 3d mesh on surfaces and after that I deleted all the 2d elements. But no matter I use macro or by direct click the button on tab, the elements number can not be rearranged from 1 to max number after I deleted all the 2d elements. Is there a way I can write a macro to deal with this? Best Regards, Chong
  14. Dear Member: I am trying to write my current model's nodal information and mesh into a txt file, is there a way that I can do it use macro file to do it. I know HyperWorks has a lot of options in the export section but none of them matches my goal. I prefer to write a txt file by macro into the format that I need then I can use that model information directly for my research. Can anyone help me with this? Tinh, sorry about the misplacement of my last post, I deleted that topic cuz I am pretty new with this forum and do not have a clue how to move the topic but thank you for your help with that. Do you have an idea with this topic in any ways. Sincerely, Chong
  15. Dear Members, How do I mark the surfaces that shared by two solids using TCL/TK script ?
  16. Hi all, I am trying to write a macro to generate a model. At certain step, I need to createmark by choosing two surfaces but the surface numbers of those two varies from model to model so is there a way that I can choose those two surfaces by their location? I checked the menu about hm_createmark which do offer a option called "on plane" but I kept changing those parameters, it still does not work. Also I have looked online for this kind of help but no one mentioned. Anyone familiar with this, please help~~:-k Now this part of my macro looks like *createmark surfaces 1 17 22 ( these two numbers always change when I change the dimension of the model) *solid_untrim 1 0 ( I am trying to untrim solids shared with these two surfaces)
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