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  1. Hello @syed shaeed sh Greetings!!! You could go through this link, and choose the appropriate manual version, depending on the LS-Dyna solver, that you are using. Vol 1- Mainly for keyword definitions Vol II - Mainly for Material models http://www.lstc.com/download/manuals Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S.Patil
  2. Hello @lanwujiu, Greetings!!! Whenever I face the similar situation like yours- I try to create a new component, and then duplicate all the displayed surfaces into the new component. Next, turn off the geometry of old component. And since, new component - has only surfaces- you can easily delete the surfaces which you would like to. Let us know, it it works, and if you find a better solution - do share with us - as there are multiple ways to address this. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  3. Hello @Beginner93, Greetings!!! It would be more helpful, if you could share the mesh picture of your model, with close look near the connection. Also, in edges option, select for find edges - as sometimes, due to low tolerance value provided- set by user, may not equivalence all nodes. If you have free edges(SHift + F3), increase tolerance value and equivalence or manually connect the nodes with replace option (F3). Let us know, if you get desired results from analysis. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S.Patil
  4. Hello @syed shaeed sh, Greetings!!! Check the loading and boundary conditions that you have defined for the parts. Also, did you properly follow the proper definition of Universal Joint, as shown in figure - Also, do share the .key file with us. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S.Patil
  5. Hello @Pravin Kale Greetings!!! Take a look at this link : It could give you an insight for your question. If you find a solution, please do share on this forum. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S.Patil
  6. Hello @MV78, Greetings!!! Since, you are looking for changing the parameters of geometry, and later meshing , like a contionous iterative process. You will require some generic coding, and if you either do it with TCL scripting then in HyperMesh. You could also try ANSA, it has also link with Python scripting - which is very quite powerful. Moreover, HyperMesh is a pre-processor , built for various platforms(OPtistuct, LS-Dyna, Abaqus, Nastran, Marc, MadyMo..etc), and they are trying to include most of the options, and for that it requires time. If you find a solution regarding dimensioninig, please do share on this forum. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S.Patil
  7. Hello @sruthisreechennapragada, Greetings!!! I believe there are yet to add that element in to ANSYS platform of HyperMesh. From , the following help document, you see that- they already have SOLID45, SOLID95. Therefore, it might be their on to-do list. https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/hm/engsol.htm?radioss_bulk_to_ansys_conversion.htm Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S.Patil
  8. Hello @Keonkim1991, Greetings!!! As the simulation , is already completed- you could load the d3plot (in case of LS-Dyna) or suitable output file to HyperView. You could select individual elements or create a set of elemets (MODEL>Create>Sets - then select the required elements in ENTITY ID's) from CONTOUR option. Also, go through this link, it might give you more insight - https://connect.altair.com/CP/SA/training/self_paced/hv_hg_intro/content/hvch2s6.htm Let me know, if you found any other solution.
  9. Hello @Jegan Greetings!!! The check option in AutoMesh option, goes away when you use the return option. In order to use the checks in Automesh - you need to change the desired quality values( A/P, Angles,...etc) , and then go back to density (first radio button) - if the elements are highlighted with red color, then those elements are failing to follow the defined quality criteria. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S.Patil
  10. Hello @Ray_Airbus, Greetings!!! I believe you could open the .fem file using notepad, and scroll down to Node cards and Element Cards. There you could see all node/element number in ascending order. This works for .key file(LS-Dyna). Hopefully, it should work for other platforms as well. If you find any other, convenient way, please do share. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  11. Hello @S R Arun, Greetings!!! You could check it by using the tool Edges. It could be found in Tool>Edges or Shift+f3. Change the tolerance value depending on your model, and check for PREVIEW EQUIV. If nodes are highlighted, then they are not attached. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  12. Hello @Jouher, Greetings!! When you say preprocessing stage, do you mean applying a pre-load to a component/part? If that's the case, you might want to look into the topic of explicit dynamic relaxation. http://ftp.lstc.com/anonymous/outgoing/jday/bolt_preload3.pdf If you are using LS-Dyna, you can have created a output file, wherein you can extract the data before the actual simulation begins (i.e during pre-load period). You can find something similar for RADIOSS I believe. (>DYREL option) Please, let us know, if you find a proper solution.
  13. Hello @karmanya, Greetings!! I believe there are still working on to include that option for LS-Dyna user profile, as its available for Nastran, ANSYS, Madymo. May be LS-Dyna is next Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  14. Hello @Sebastian Henao, In you model, check for edges option with tolerance of 0.1 I am not familiar with interaction of Radioss. If you find it, please do share the information. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  15. Hello @Sebastian Henao, Greetings!!! When you do pentration/intersection check, you could isolate the intersecting/penetrating elements, (the option in black box) In you model, in the helighted region, there is a free edge, (fix it by equivalence the node in that region) , and in some other areas as well. Also, there are a couple of duplicate elements in your model, which needs to be deleted. Therefore, in general, before you do penetration/intersection check, Check for connectivity, duplicates, elemental quality criteria, and normals. Regarding, single side thickness, the mesh needs to be one of the sides, instead of the mesh being at the middle, and you need to make changes in the property, in case of LS-Dyna NLOC. Hopefully, this resolves the issue. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
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