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  1. ahenkes1

    Remove chamfer

    I have these chamfers in my model, is there a way to get rid of them? (Hypermesh 2017)
  2. ahenkes1

    Time check for explicit

    Ok, I am using Optistruct with RADIOSS integration, so just switch to Hypermesh RADIOSS profile and check it?
  3. ahenkes1

    Time check for explicit

    ver. 2017, material and property are assigned to components rotTestExp.hm
  4. ahenkes1

    Time check for explicit

    I want to check time step mesh information for explicit analysis. In "check elements - time" after entering the desired time step and clicking "check elems" I get the error "No attributes defined in current template". How to fix this?
  5. ahenkes1

    Plot different energy types for explicit

    Found it, just add XHISADD (Load Collector) to the load case
  6. ahenkes1

    Plot different energy types for explicit

    Is there a way to request this in Optistruct for RADIOSS integration?
  7. I watched this video: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/8-why-we-should-slowly-ramp-the-load-for-quasi-static-simulation-in-explicit-solver/ How can I plot theses energies? Which output request is it? I am using OPTISTRUCT with RADIOSS Integration (explicit)
  8. I think I solved it for my own, of course the N,DT combination just divides the given load profile in increments
  9. Another question: While using "Nonlinear transient" I want to load 0.25*25 for 0,1 sec and after that linear progression to 1*25 MPa at 1 sec. Therefore I created a TABLED1 with 3 entries: 0.0 -- 0.25; 0.1 --0.25; 1 -- 1. This table I am using for a TLOAD1 table entry and my force with 25 as well. But now my question: will the TSTEP entry in any kind overwrite this? If I have N=100 and DT=0.01 will the solver still use the table entry?
  10. This works (see attached)! PlateTest_run.fem Video.avi
  11. Hi, are there any updates concerning our benchmark?
  12. "TSTEPNL 7 500 0.0 1 UPW" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 4. This error I get, no Idea how to go on
  13. Ok, I have no idea how to set it up, could you try it or shell I work into this topic