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  1. How to select a curve from the curve section and click apply on in move to section under scale, offset and axis assignment panel using TCL.
  2. Hi, I need to rotate the node which is having maximum stress,but it is invisible in standard view. To make that area visible ,need to use setorientation (viewhandle setorientation) command In SetOrientation ,input arguments are Tx,Ty,Tz,E1,E2,E3. How Tx,Ty,Tz,E1,E2,E3 values should be given , is there any logic for giving inputs.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to make custom view in hyperview
  4. Hi, How the values should be given for Tx,Ty,Tz,E1,E2,E3 for setorientation API in hyperview
  5. Hi, I have some doubts regarding how to automate window selection in sets.can anyone tel the answer if u know?
  6. Hi, Tcl command to get starting and ending nodeid in the line
  7. Hi, API to find node id using x,y,z (node geometry)
  8. HI, How to get the free edges id in hypermesh
  9. Hi, what tcl command is used to find bolt hole information for solids
  10. hi i need idea about retriving component id by giving component name.... if any one know the answer,reply ..plz
  11. Hi, how to find the closest parallel node in adjacent component for a node which is not in that component,created separately using tcl command
  12. Hi, doubt in hm_createmark elements 1 "on plane" "x y z i j k tol".in this command what value should be given in x,y,z,i,j,k,tol.pls help me thanks in advance
  13. Hi, i need the tcl code to perform a advanced query after applying contour
  14. Hi, I need the tcl to get the element id where the maximum countour is applied
  15. Hi, how to apply contour through tcl code
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