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  1. Dear All, I am trying to use optimization fuction in HyperForm as belows but did not success Anyone in this forum do it before? Can you share me some experience how to do it? What does Boundary Line mean? how can get it? Thanks and Brs,
  2. Can you share with us your material file (.rad) and show me how do you input this material into HyperForm?
  3. Please tell me why do you need to input displacment into this simulaiton?
  4. James

    erro 832

    You should move your post to FEKO forum. Here for HyperForm only. Brs,
  5. James

    Forming Setup

    HyperView supports tools to read results and make report. You can go to HyperForm panel:
  6. You can go to 'File/Save In Home' in HyperForm Settings Good luck!
  7. Hi all, I tried to generate mesh for my model I setup in Acusolve but I had error in the window appeared as I attached bellow. Could you help me any ideas to fix it? Thanks,
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