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  1. Hi, I want to simulate impact between two bodies in hyperworks. First body is a rectangular block which act as a cantilever beam (nodes at left side area is fixed). Second body is sphere, which was initially at a certain height from the free edge of the rectangular block, is dropped on the block. Modelling was done in hypermesh and there were no warning or errors. But, when I plotted the displacement contour in hyperview, found that at time=0, it shows displacement for the beam (contact between the bodies actually begins at time=2 second.). This gives error in the final result. I have to set the displacement at time,t=0 as zero. How can I do that? Please help me.. Vishnu
  2. Hi Tinh, Thank you so much for the help. I have completed the structural analysis successfully. Regards, Vishnu.V.A
  3. Hi Tinh, I saw the "equation" option in the analysis panel which only comes for "elements". But my problem is to select the elements attached to the nodes. How can I select 3D elements attached to required nodes or surfaces? I also tried the path "elements--> by geometry--> surfaces--> by face-->(selected required surfaces)". But it didn't work. Please help me.. Regards, Vishnu
  4. Hi, I could select the required nodes. Thank you so much.. Now, my problem is to apply pressure on these nodes as an equation. The pressure is to be applied in cylindrical co-ordinate system because its magnitude varies with the angle. The equation is "pressure, p= 2.5*{cos(2.25*t)}, where t- angular co-ordinate." Please help me to create the equation and to apply it. Regards, Vishnu
  5. Hi.. Thanks for the help.. I could create the cylindrical coordinate system, but I cannot select the nodes between the angular limits on the surface. Please tell me how to do that.. Vishnu
  6. Hi guys, I am a PG student in Mechanical engineering and I am doing a project on automobile alloy wheel and I want to do structural analysis on it. In the static analysis the pressure load is to be applied as cosine function on the bead seats of the rim through an angle of 80 degrees. So, first I have to create a cylindrical coordinate system and then nodes within the angular limits is to be selected. I don't know how to do it in Hypermesh. I tried to export the model in Ansys. But I could not apply pressure load on the model imported from Hypermesh in Ansys. Please help me..
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