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  1. Agreed. But, Some nodes are beyond the range of equivalence which would prove to be difficult.
  2. Q.Nguyen-Dai, Sorry for the delay and thank you for the reply. Distance between nodes along the red line in the above image is not uniform in my case. So I guess dragging elements along the length won't help. Thanks Bharat
  3. Hello, Is there a direct process for dragging the selected nodes for creating the elements and maintaining their connectivity with nodes along the red line? ( I am asking about a direct process in which I will not require to split / edit the surface or change the number of nodes on an edge) Thanks Bharat
  4. @ Q Nguyen-Dai , Hello, I am digging an old topic here. Can you please share the meshing procedure for the above part? I am specially concerned about the corner fillets at the bottom region. Thanks and regards, Bharat
  5. I agree on bad quality elements. Will have to modify them. Thanks you so much for the help. With regards, Bharat
  6. Thanks for the help again. Regarding the mesh validity, please check images for exploded elements from my original model shared (1.1.hm I have just organised elements as per their types now, also attached to this thread again). Hex elements (Green coloured) are connected to tetra elements (yellow coloured) by pyramids (purple coloured elements). Is this mesh still not valid? Thanks Bharat 1.1.hm
  7. thanks again. Can you please elaborate on why my model was not valid? is it about the element quality index or something else?
  8. Thanks for the help, But your version is 19 and I am using 14. Is there a way for backward compatibility? Thanks Bharat
  9. Can't share the entire model. Sorry About that. But the region of concern is shared in my original comment. thanks, Bharat
  10. Thanks Q.Nguyen-Dai for the reply. These edges shown in LS dyna image are a point of concern? Can you please elaborate on it? Also, how do we modify this template you are referring to?
  11. Hello All, Hypermesh Version 14 LS-dyna version 4.0. 1>>> I have to mesh a component as shown in figure 1 which consists of Hex and tet elements. I have completed the mesh and and exported to LS-dyna (Figure 3) . While zooming and panning in it, I see some edges as shown in figure 2 below. Is this a major issue? 2>> I have read somewhere that one should not connect Hex and tet mesh directly. It should be done by inserting pyramid elements. I have manually converted the tet elements in contact with the hex elements into pyramid elements. Checked for all connectivity by edges and faces. In hypermesh it seems ok but in LS dyna pyramid elements are not visible. Also the edges from the previous points are still visible. Is there a solution to this. Can this be an version issue? i have attached a .hm file with pyramid elements as reference. Thanks in advance. Bharat 1.1.hm
  12. Hello Tinh, Is it possible to export mesh and Geometry at the same time (or in the same file) from HM to APDL? Thanks and regards, Bharat
  13. Thanks Sanjay for the reply. I have tried using the method which you explained but I can find only the elements in APDL, not the geometry. Do you have any suggestions on this? Thanks and regards, Bharat
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