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  1. Hello Tinh, Is it possible to export mesh and Geometry at the same time (or in the same file) from HM to APDL? Thanks and regards, Bharat
  2. Thanks Sanjay for the reply. I have tried using the method which you explained but I can find only the elements in APDL, not the geometry. Do you have any suggestions on this? Thanks and regards, Bharat
  3. Hello, Is it possible to export Mesh and geometry created in HM to ansys APDL (In .cdb format) Thanks and regards, Bharat
  4. Sorry Paritosh, Did not continue with the project as I changed the job. Regards, Bharat
  5. Hello, I have few penta elements in my model. I was curious whether I can assign Thick shell property to this elements or do I need only hex elements for those? Thanks and regards, Bharat
  6. Thank you Rahul for the helpful reply. There is one more query though. As per the attached image, I want to split the selected quads by the purple line. Is it possible to split elements by that line? Regards, Bharat
  7. Hello, While meshing, sometimes the nodes do not follow the geometry properly due to faceted surfaces. Even projecting the nodes on line and surf does not help. Even though it has a negligible effect on analysis, do we have a remedy on this? Please see image below for reference. Thanks and regards, Bharat
  8. Q.Nguyen-Dai - Sorry,can't share the model. Udhay - yes, I have done that. Rahul- Hyperworks 14 and LS dyna 7.0. Apart from the problem above, we are facing another issue. I have created all hex elements and assigned section property as thick shell in ls dyna profile. Whenever I import the file into LS dyna , the element normal for the same are not uniform. In HM, I have extracted faces for the same and found the normal to be uniform. What might be the problem in LS dyna? Thanks and regards, Bharat
  9. Hello, I have created a mesh file in HM and assigned material and properties to the elements. But when I export the same file, I am not able to see the properties or materials in LS dyna. May I know where am I going wrong? (I have used LS- dyna as profile) Thanks Bharat Hiranwale
  10. Hello George, Thanks for the helpful reply. Regards, Bharat
  11. Hello, I have created a solid mesh with connectivity of nodes between two components. Somehow I want to maintain connectivity at specific edges only and not the entire surface of the solid. So how can I break this connectivity. ( I want the nodes of the two comp.s to be close as possible, but not equivalenced) Regards, Bharat
  12. Hello, I have a large model which has been cut and made mappable using Ansys. We have given names to each and every component in Ansys. When we are trying to import it in HM as a geometry, only few components are displaying their names. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem? What file should I export/ Import. thanks and regards, Bharat
  13. @ Q Nguyen-Dai, and George Thank you for the helpful replies. Regards, Bharat
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