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  1. Thank you very much Prakash!
  2. Hello, I would like to mesh lines with 1D elements, with a tubular cross section. I used a CROD element, so I could define the cross section, but after calculation the displacement seem too small, and the stresses are not displayed. Can you please suggest me an element type that is proper for tube meshing? Thanks: Sanyo
  3. Hello, I would like to ask how can I see the stresses of each iteration steps of a nonlinear quasi static analysis in Hyperview. Thank you. Sanyo
  4. Thanks Prakash, I have set time history for the part, but in HyperView I haven't found the internal and the kinetic energy in the dropdown list. Should I set something else as well to see them? Thank you, Sanyo
  5. We would like to crash an impact to a rigid wall, and we are interested in the energy absorbed by the deformations and cracks. Hope it is possible from HyperCrash.
  6. Hello, Could you please help me how can I display the absorbed energy during a crash analysis? What kind of control cards should I use in HyperCrash, and what should I choose and set in HyperGraph? Thanks a lot, Sanyo
  7. In HyperCrash I choose Loadcases - Initial velocity, there the transition is changed to rotational YY, the rotational speed is set, then I create a skew to rotate around. I need to choose all the nodes of the part, because otherwise a stress and vibration is developing in the first moment. The other method I tried was to create a rigid-body with a fixed mater node connecting to all the nodes of the part, but this is not so helpful, because in this case it is not possible to connect more rigid bodies to the nodes, and the nodes are fixed together, so no stresses and deformations are developing. I am not at the files now, I will send them later. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello everyone! I would like to ask your help to create an initial rotational velocity with a defined rotational axis out of the part. My problem is when all the nodes are selected of the part that I would like rotate, it seems like that the nodes want to rotate around their own axis. This way only a vibration develops. Thank you in advance. Sanyo
  9. Hello, I would like to create a rigid body which master node is given manually by a node. In HyperCrash the graphic display shows the rigid body as I like, but after processing, the master node is changing to an automatically defined position. The master node I defined is a single node, because I couldn't solve is any other method (other rigid, other part) Please help me how to define an external master node. Thanks Sanyo
  10. I wanted to ask also the unit of the Imposed displacement - rotation.
  11. Daer Prakash, I have uploaded an engine file. There the run time is set to 140, and in HyperView I can see it only from 40. Thanks for the help on the rigid body time dependence. But could you please help me how could I understand the example files? I see what are the goals, but I don't understand how could I build them into my model with the help of HM or HC . Thank you!
  12. Hello, I would like to ask if there is a possibility to create temporary boundary condition. I would like to fix some nodes DOF except of a rotational movement. After a while this boundary condition should disappear (like a time function in a gravity load). My other question is when I set the simulation time to 300 ms, in HyperView the results why only visible from 200 ms? Thanks Sanyo
  13. Yes, that was the problem, Thanks again
  14. The export problem is when exporting from HyperCrash, not from HyperMesh. The message: .. ERROR ==> NO RESTART FILE ERROR TERMINATION
  15. Yes, now this works fine Is it possible to set it default to export all options? Next difficulty is that the restart file is missing and I can't find where to set it to be written. Could you help me where to do that? Thanks
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