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  1. Hello HW-Team, I've got a problem in executing my simulation. About 25 min after starting the simulation I get an error with python and an error in vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim. acuMeshSim: Problem = vwtAnalysis acuMeshSim: Run = 1 acuMeshSim: Hostname = WINSERVER-01 acuMeshSim: Platform = Whistler 6.1 unknown acuMeshSim: Machine = win64 acuMeshSim: Release = 13.0 acuMeshSim: Release date = Apr 9 2015 acuMeshSim: -------------------------------------------------------------- acuMeshSim: Using MESHSIM for volume mesh generation acuMeshSim: Skipping surface mesh generation acuMeshSim: Generating volume mesh acuMeshSim: <SIMM_PRG>:Volume Meshing acuMeshSim: <SIMM_PRG>:Structured Meshing acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Number of 3D Boundary Layers identified: 1250 acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Number of BL regions estimated = 31378020 acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Boundary Layer meshing acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Finding growth curves... acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Checking boundary growth curves... acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Checking intersecting layers... acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>: Edge triangulation acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>: Face triangulation acuMeshSim: <SIMM_PRG>:Adapting Mesh acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Iteration 1: Normalized edge length range: 1.59387 .. 0.638013 acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Final normalized edge length range: 1.44063 .. 0.638013 acuMeshSim: <SIMM_PRG>:Fix Surface Intersections acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Region triangulation acuMeshSim: <SIMM_PRG>:Structured Meshing acuMeshSim: <SIMM_INFO_MSG>:Number of BL regions created = 30837260 acuMeshSim: <SIMM_PRG>:Creating volume mesh acuMeshSim: <SIMM_WRN_MSG>:Zero volume: verts 147602256 147602350 147602498 ... ... ... acuMeshSim: Encountered an error in meshsim acuMeshSim: <SIMM_ERR_MSG>:Code: 1201 String: Problem meshing in face 8 at (0.0052149466666666661, -0.78781333333333325, -0.16129499999999999) acuMeshSim: <SIMM_PRG>:Volume Meshing acuMeshSim: Error generating volume mesh acuMeshSim: Extract volume meshing errors acuMeshSim: Error Msg: <Problem meshing in face 8 at (0.0052149466666666661, -0.78781333333333325, -0.16129499999999999)> acuMeshSim: Volume Meshing Failure <8> acuMeshSim: Location <5.214947e-003,-7.878133e-001,-1.612950e-001> acuMeshSim: Error Msg : <Problem meshing in face 8 at (0.0052149466666666661, -0.78781333333333325, -0.16129499999999999)> acuMeshSim: Error Code: <1201> What does this mean? The wheels are penetrating the ground and the mesh quality is equal to models that worked perfectly. I had a look at the error position in the .nas file, but for me there should be no problem! As I wrote before, an other model "worked" at this area of the mesh (with the same parameters (mesh size, etc.). Estimated element count should be about 60 mio. The simulation runs on a 16 core/512 GB server. Thank you in advance!
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