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  1. Hi Nik, 1. To add extra layer just right click over the blanks and click on the new blank. To decide over the resin distribution in the blank you need to take a call. 2. To predict using spring action force for Binder, use the option in Force, Right click, Type, Spring. 3. Regarding composite hot forming, i have less knowledge. Regards san
  2. Hi Nik, If I correct you, *.rad file is the input files for RADIOSS to run. So, please run the above-shared *.rad files in RADIOSS for getting results and save the same session file as *.hf. Regards san
  3. Hi Nik, Also for post-processing for composite forming, please refer the below-mentioned tutorial file from Altair Help(F1). HF-3100: Post-Processing Composite Forming Results in HyperView Regards san
  4. Hi nik, Please find the attached file. I have assumed certain parameters such as blank holding force and the material. Below is the forming results. Also, attached the deck files with it. regards san run_0000.rad run_0001.rad
  5. Hi Nik, It is very easy to setup using HyperForm. Please share some data files, so that I can help you further. regards san
  6. Hi Sumit, We do not suggest you to use .mtb file and replace it in HyperForm. Either, get the below material properties for the same and create in HF. 1. Density 2. Youngs Modulus 3. Poisson's ratio 4. Y.S 5. T.S 6. Strain Hardening 7. r0,r45,r90 values Try Opening the .mtb in Textpad and search for the above mat properties. regards san
  7. Hi Sumit, When i measure the *.H3D file. I see below changes, which is fair. Please recheck with measuring the displacement manually once.
  8. hi tsombnik, I understand your requirement and it is possible to create. Please find the attached similar files below and let me know if it can be used for your references. regards santu independent_layers_with_resin_new.h3d independent_layers_with_resin_new_0000.rad independent_layers_with_resin_new_0001.rad
  9. Hi Shripal, Please find the attached *.RAD file with the result file. Also, i have switched off the adaptivity and setup the model. Do look at the results and revert back. santhu independent_layers_with_resin_new.zip
  10. Hi sumit, You need to use Adaptivity at the areas which is forming. Please find the attached files solved. let me know if you find difficulty. regards santhosh forming.zip spbck.zip
  11. hi ibo, For my understanding, How can you preheat a composite material ? If so, please can you let me know which composite material are you referring? and @ what temperature do you carryout the process? regards santhosh
  12. Hi Sumit, Can you share the *.hf file or the *.rad file which you have used for running springback ? i can help you further.
  13. Hi Ibozsoy, Above attached was the wrong file. Please find the below correct file. Forming_Userprocess.hf
  14. Hi ibozsoy, Find the below file attached. regards santhosh forming_User_Process.hf
  15. Hi Orhun, I would like to know more information on your run.. Is it a tutorial model ? Can you share the *.out file of the run ? Regards, santhosh
  16. Hi Kerschten, The above image was very clear to understand. So i setup a deck in HyperForm to simulate the tube very similar to you. Please find the below animation to compare. Are you looking very similar to the below results ?
  17. Hi Kerschten, I ran your deck and was trying to understand your process. U had mentioned about the problem below. Am still not clear with how these tools will help you to bend your tube. please explain.
  18. Hi Sai, For Thermoforming/Hot Stamping we have a separate user template. You need to follow the help files for Hot stamping. Below image shows the option for hot stamping.
  19. Hi Ganesh, After opening HyperMesh. Go to User profile and select Manufacturing Solution. Please refer the image below.
  20. Hello sai krishna, I would like to help you regarding Forming simulation. You can make use of HyperForm to prepare the deck rather using Hypercrash. In User profile select Manufacturing Solutions and Incremental Radioss for using HyperForm For forming simulation we use Rigid mesh for tools and Blank Mesh for the blank. Adaptivity is always defined for blank. Please follow the tutorial files to setup a simple forming simulation. Attached file for your references. regards santhosh HyperForm Tutorials.pdf
  21. Hi Sumit, During Forming process, you might need to decide over Binder Tonnage not the Forming tonnage. For calculating Forming tonnage use the formulae. Force (N) = Perimeter of the part * Thickness * UTS. In *.out file you might see the predicted press tonnage calculated from the software. For Binder tonnage, it will be decided over the machine specification. Or you can go for DOE studies to find the optimum tonnage required. Also, i have attached a video on how to find the tonnage using HV. let me know if you need more information. Regards, santhosh HyperGraph_tonnage_deter.wmv
  22. hi sumit, Its a very simple rule in FEA, regardless on the bending radius you define, you need to concentrate on number of mesh defined on each fillet or critical regions in your geometry. Minimum of 5 elements should be captured in each fillet. Also regarding Adaptivity, mesh your geometry with 2 element size and define the adaptivity level for 2. So that a element size of 2 will be divided twice. Or you can also follow a fine mesh rule.. I.e Mesh your blank with element size same as your Blank thickness. But, Keep Adaptivity OFF to follow this procedure. regards santhosh
  23. Hi oggy, Are you asking for XY value of stress strain curve for all the materials? regards, santhosh
  24. hi Oggy, Try with the below website. http://www.makeitfrom.com/ regards santhosh
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