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  1. Hi @all First, i hope this is the right forum for this topic. If it isn't, please switch. I've to simulate an multiphysics coupled heat transfer + fluid cooling process (like cooling fins or spines). For that case i've to define an heat flux into the base of the solid structure. The heat is flowing through the structure and left the structure on the "water" cooled contact surface. This cause an increase of the fluid temperatur deltaT (T_in-T_out) on the outflow against to teh inflow temperature. The fluid flow is perpendicular to the heat conduction in the solid. Points I've finished: Import complex geometry into ACUCONSOLE (+meshing) Define the global problem description Define the inflow, outflow, heat source (basic BC's) Simulation of the fluid flow through the structure still open Points: Simulation of the heat conduction Define the result of the Simulation (heat cond.) as boundary for the flow simulation As i wrote in the title, at the moment I work with the ACUCONSOLE. Is Hypermesh (with the ACUsolve deck) better for multiphysics like this? How can I define old results as boundary conditions in new simulations? (current temperature/heat flux as input value for the fluid wall) Is it possible to import more than one geometry into acuconsole? (The software always want to delete the previous part when i import a second one) I hope you can help me to solve this problem. best regards Alex
  2. Thy for your reply, This is a very helpful information. I will try it with my structure. PS: I want to solve this problem with the optistruct solver. best regards
  3. Hi, I want to simulate the elastic (and further the elasto-plastic) behaviour of arbitrary lattice structures with hyperworks by the use of unit cells. Is there a possibility to apply periodic boundary conditions to simulate unit cells? In addition to that i've tried the Multi-Scale Designer for a simulation like this but there is a major limitation. Within MDS i've to specify matrix and the fiber material but i'm only interested in the behaviour of the fiber material without any influence of the matrix material. I hope someone have a solution regarding this topic ;-) best regards
  4. Hi all My problem is quiet similar. I've generated rootlike (trabecular) structures by optistruct topology optimisation. Now i would like to combine three optimised parts by boolean operation within hypermesh - three parts should be turned into one solid part. The first thing i have to do is to (re-)create the surfaces of the three solid meshed parts by the "SURF FROM FE" operation, right? After that i've to perform the surface extraction by the operation displayed before (2nd pic)? I've tried it in that way but it doesn't work. The surface creation tool exits with an "INTERNAL MESH ERROR" and the surface extraction tool find no surface. Is it possible to get a detailed tutorial for this procedure - solid geometry reconstruction from solid mesh? best regards awal
  5. Hello @ all I'm new at Hyperworks and so i started my earning of experiences with the tutorials and Guides. Now i've set up a small modell to simulate many basic features i need to know for my further work. I choose the drawing process of a wire through a die. (see pic.) The topic i'm interested in is - How could I define my die (green structure) or a arbitrary geometry as a rigid body? I've looked at some guides/tutorials and forum discussions but i don't find the right solution. I find the set up of predefined rigid structures (plane, tube, sphere) in /RWALL but these don't match my geometry. Simulation parameters: Model set up in Optistruct (GUI) wire (red) : mat=st(MAT1+MATS with plastic, H and Limit), nlgeom, drawing defined as a motion/displacement of the left surface through the die (TABLED1, SPCD and NLOAD1) die (green): mat=should be rigid ;-) with no displacement and no deformation (should stick on it's place during simulation) I'm only interested in the deformation and drawing force of the wire. I hope someone can help ;-) Thanks Alex
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