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  1. I exported them as .fv files, and when I open them in AcuFieldView it treats them correctly as a set of timesteps. However, the data doesn't appear at all in the visualization window. I can change the timestep but nothing shows up. I'm not sure I'm importing the data correctly because it doesn't work with Log files either - only if I select the file in the launch menu will it read it. I opened the files by using the data input menu with "replace" checked off.
  2. Hi - I'm trying to open multiple transient datasets of the same simulation in AcuFieldView. I have two .Log files that span timesteps 1-10 and 11-20 and I want to make an animation that includes both sets of data. However, when I try to sweep through them, timsteps 12-20 just look exactly the same as 11. I end up with an animation for the first half and then a static image for the second half. If I make the two animations independently I get the right results, but I'm left with two video files instead of one. Is there something I'm doing wrong? When importing the data I used the AcuSolve direct reader, and chose append. In the transient data controls I then checked off "Use Merged Times."
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