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  1. Hi, I've come across an interesting issue when using HW - Optistruct for analysis of formula student front uprights. When the solver finishes the analysis I am not offered an option to view the results. That is, the "Results" button doesn't appear in the solver window upon completion of the job. I've attached a screenshot to better demonstrate this. Also, we've ran a similar simulation with the rear uprights on another computer. The setup process was exactly the same, but that one did give a results button. I've deleted the HW settings files in my "%USERPROFILE%\Documents" directory, but that didn't help either. I am open to any suggestions or solutions! Thanks! Josh
  2. Thanks Prakash, I'll have a deeper look into RBE3s then.
  3. Hi Prakash, thanks for that! Is there some other specific way you'd recommend modelling bolts in shear loading? Maybe a solid model with high stiffness? I am specifically looking to model how an aluminium part will distort around steel bolt. The bolt is going to be the constraint and the load will be applied elsewhere on the part. Thanks! Josh
  4. Hi Nguyen, I've done a bit of research into RBE3s because I haven't used them before, but still don't quite understand them. Is there a way I can set up my RBE to transfer ONLY compression loads, NOT tension loads? This is how I'd go about simulating a bolt in shear loading. Cheers! Josh
  5. Thanks for that, Rahul! In that case, do you have any suggestions on how to simulate bolted joints and radial loads into a bearing housing?
  6. Hi, Say I have a rigid body element in a hole, with one independent node in the middle and the dependent nodes being the inside surface of the hole. Now if I apply a force to the independent node and it is pointing towards one side of the hole, how does the force translate to the hole? Will it apply compression on one side of the hole and tension on the other? Or will it just apply a compression on one side? Cheers, Josh
  7. Hi tinh, see what I don't quite understand here is that a N is explicitly a kg*m/s^2. Do I have to make my N consistent with the mm I use for length measurement? So 1N would be 1000 kg*mm/s^2. I'm also a bit muddled up with this. Or are Newtons consistent with mm in HyperMesh - Optistruct? Cheers! Josh
  8. Hi, has this been resolved? I'm having a very similar issue. Thanks!
  9. Right, I'll try a coarser mesh again then. Although, can you tell me what an out of core solution is and why it doesn't run? The PC has 8GB of RAM, so out of core *should* run according to the error. Also, I am asking these questions to get an explanation for what is going wrong. I do not understand the log file. I am not sure what zero pivoting during numerical factorization means. Can you explain please? I have also encountered the rigid body mode error before, but managed to solve it without actually knowing what rigid body mode is. Can you please explain that too? I do not know how I solved it last time, because I do not understand what it means. Solver error nr, SPC set ID and index also do not mean anything to me, so if you could clarify these, I might be able to get it to work myself. Thanks! Josh
  10. Hi again, so now I'm done with exams I've had time to continue with this project. I've deleted the previous mesh and remeshed the model with a larger element size. Then I tried re-running the optimization, but got the attached .out file with a new error message. Not sure what to make of it. It does list a few possible reasons for the failure, but I don't know which it could be. Any suggestions? Also, looking at the new mesh, the original rigids do not seem to match it, even though I created the new mesh with "match existing mesh" ticked. Not sure whether this is an issue, but thought I'd mention that too. Lastly, if uploading the HM file itself would help in resolving the issue, I'd be more than happy to share it! Thanks again! Rear Left Upright V2 meshed model.out
  11. Thanks, I'll try that! Also, I am not sure whether university user relates to me actually being a student at the University of Glasgow, or whether it means I'm part of the Altair University.
  12. Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Are you saying I have to physically upgrade the PC with more RAM? It currently has 8GB and I'm not sure whether it is upgradeable to even 16GB. Is there a way to get it to run with less RAM? A coarser mesh maybe? (Also, I am in fact a student and I am also part of the Altair University program, but I don't actively use it yet. Does that technically make me a university user?) Cheers!
  13. Hi, I tried saving it to a larger external HDD but the simulation still failed. This time I got the new attached error log. From the error messages I'm still suspecting inadequate RAM in the machine. Can you confirm that for me? Also, if I put a coarser mesh on my model, would it then be able to run? Thanks! Rear Left Upright V1 meshed model ERROR LOG.out
  14. Hi, thanks for your reply! Can you tell me how I do that? Before running the analysis, do I just save the FEM file to the larger allocated space? Cheers! Josh
  15. Hi, I'm getting the attached error log when running topology optimization with optistruct on a formula student car part I'm designing. The machine I'm using has 8GB of RAM. Isn't that sufficient? Or is it a different issue? Thanks! Josh Rear Left Upright V1 meshed model ERROR LOG.out
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