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  1. Hi, when using SAE filters you have to convert your data in the time history file to seconds. How do you do this? Is it as simple as > advanced options > curve options. under build plots? Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm a reasonably experienced Hypermesh user. But, for the first time, I have found myself have to use the RFORCE card. I'm modelling a cylinder with an epicyclic motion (shell elements). Think of a planet orbiting the sun, the planet orbits the sun and the planet also rotates on it's own axis at it's own speed. An RFORCE card is a little strange in that it appears to act on the entire model. Is there a way to only get it to act on a certain group of elements? I've set up two RFORCE cards and combined them with a LOAD card. I've also set up a radial coordinate system at the centre of the cylinder and constrained 2,3 as per the downloadable tutorial. Does this sound correct to everyone? Any advice or input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Speedyveg
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