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  1. Hello, I have 2 sets of data in terms of time and want to add them respectively. To make the problem simple, there are Shear T and Shear S for 3 beams elements in terms of time. I want to get the sum for each beam separately. My first resort is the Macro. I have written a Macro but found it can only select values one by one. Is there anyway I can use a macro to deal with these 3 lines all together? Or is there any other suggestion to plot the result all together instead of one by one operation? The real data is very large
  2. Thank you for your helpful reply. I think defining pressure in HM kind of detour my question. And I happened to find our the surface created in Contact Manager is compatible in Hypermesh and Abauqs. This suggestion comes from my senior student.
  3. Hi, Do you suggestion me to remesh the plate including the red surface? What bother me is the defined set of node/face in Hypermesh will disappear in Abaqus. I am wondering would you like to give more details about your suggestion? Thank you!
  4. Hello, Prakash Thank you for your suggestion. Do you suggest me to export FE data and geometry data from Hypermesh and Abaqus separately and then operate on the model in Abaqus to get the surface? I have tried to do that but the FE data only consist elements information and could not be processed any geometry operation. I am wondering would you like to give more details about your suggestion?
  5. Hello, Rahul Thank you for you reply. I will definitely check that book. I am wondering for the sharp corner resulted from the geometry, I have no choice but leave it there?
  6. Hi, I have defined a red surface in the purple plate in the HyperMesh. Later I plan to export the tetramesh and red surface into Abaqus for analysis. A pressure would be loaded on the red surface . After exported into Abaqus, there is no more surface component any more. I am wondering how should I get a defined surface in HyperMesh and use it in Abaqus? Thank you! Attached is the file but .txt should be converted back to .hm StaticSheaveContact.txt
  7. Hi, May I get some advice on the meshing skills from 2D to 3D meshing? 1. How should I deal with the end of this triangular shape? The element at the end must be low quality. 2. For this triangular shape, should I use mix mesh as above or use R-trias shape? Which one would benefit me in tetramesh in the following steps. In general, what is the different between common trias and R-trias elements? Do they have some advantage in some specific application? 3. How should I deal with the two ends of right triangle with curve hypotenuse? These two ends are sharp corner. 4. For this long surface, should I use equal number of elements at the red labelled lines? If the elements number are equal, only Quads would be created. If not, and use default number, the longer side would get more elements. Which situation would benefit the 3D tetramesh? 5. For the similar situation, how should I deal with this surface to get a better mesh? What shown is the result for simple mix mesh. 6. Which kind of 3D mesh would get better result in similar number of elements, 3D tetramesh or 3D hexamesh mixed with tetramesh. To put it in this case, which 3D meshing would be more accurate, 1- split the quads into trias for tetramesh; 2- mainly hexamesh combined with tetramesh. 7. How should I construct the hexamesh combined with tetramesh? Thank you for your advice.
  8. Hello, Prakash Thank you for you reply. Three components have already been set as parts. But it still occurs the same errors. 1 When I followed the tutorial step by step, it reported the error as following 2 From the tutorial, Step 4: Create material and properties for the cell phone parts point 6, Click fct_ID1 and select stress_strain_curve (the function curve previously created). But I could not find the fct_ID1, and I used fct_ID_E instead. Regards
  9. Hi I am learning the drop test simulation from tutorial RD-3597 from Hyperworks 13. 1. I followed every step in tutorial but there are errors when running radioss. When I ran the CELLPHONE_0000.rad file in the <installation_directory>\tutorials\hwsolvers\radioss>, it also failed. 2. Apart from that, from hyperview, which files should I choose to exam the result? Regards,
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