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  1. Hello, I need to design a part using topology optimization which has a first eigen frequency above 60 Hz. I have created FE model with loads, SPCs. I would like to perorm topology optimization with minimize mass with displacement constraints and frequency constraint on 1st mode. I have create the eigrl load case My question is while creating the frequency load step should I include SPC's or not. Does it make much difference on the optimization result.
  2. Hello, I would like to optimize aerospace brackets by performing topology optimization. The main objective is to keep the natural frequencies of brackets in axial and radial directions less than 240 Hz with minimum mass and satisfying Reserve factor of 1. There are also static loads applied on the brackets. The topology optimization methodology, I have chosen was Minimize combined compliance index, constraint : Frequency > 240 Hz , stress constraint and volume fraction. Am I going in the right direction? Also is there any other method to minimize mass considering both static loads (stress constraint) and frequency constraints??
  3. Hello, I would like to perform topology optimization with following criteria. Minimize mass with constraint on frequency < 240 Hz. I would also like to specify yield strength as a stress constraint. I have SPC as well as static loads. Could you please let me know , How to create loadsteps including static loads, frequency and SPC.
  4. Hello, I would like to perform a steadystate heat conduction analysis on a Brake Caliper Assembly. I meshed the whole assembly with tetra elements using Auto meshing. I know the temperatures on the surface of pads and I would like to know the temperature distribution in the whole caliper. I apllied heat flux on the pads surface and run the analysis. When I observe the result, I found that the heat conduction happened only in pads. I think there is aproblem with meshing, there is no connection between meshing of different parts of the assembly and I have to connect the mesh on the contact surfaces with some connectors. Am right ?? How to connect the mesh of different parts in the assembly, so that the thermal analysis will give better results??
  5. Hello, I want to perform a thermal analysis on a Brake caliper Assembly. I know the temperature on the surface of the Pads. I want to find out the temperature distribultion in the whole caliper.. Which type of thermal analysis need to be performed??. I think steady state heat transfer analysis need to be performed to identify the temperatures at various locations of the caliper.Any tutorials available to set up the analysis??.
  6. I want to perform contact based thermal analysis on a Brake caliper Assembly to know the temperature distribution. How to create contacts between the two parts in the Hypermesh??. Any relevant tutorials available in the Altair database ??
  7. Hello, I tried to defeature surface fillets of a complex part using Rounds feature in Simplify/Patch. Inspire identified all the surface fillets. But when I click to remove the fillets, the program got crashed (SolidThinking Inspire 2014 3969 is not functioning more). I tried for 10 times and the same repeated. I didn't understand the reason for this. Is there any other way to remove fillets quickly ??
  8. Hello, I have a complex part which has so many surface fillets. I want to do topology optimization of the part. First, I want to simplify the part by removing the surface fillets, so that I can create the design and non-design space easily. I tried to defeature the surface fillets with max and min radius. But too many new free edges,surfaces are formed which are difficult to remove manually. Is there any easy way to perform this operation??
  9. Can we perform a topology optimization with combined structural, thermal and frequency constraints ??
  10. Hallo, I tried to defeature surface fillets of a complex part (with around 3000 FILLETS). But all the surface fillets are not removed Some surfaces failed to connect and a lot free surfaces and edges are formed. How to defeature these Fillets.
  11. Hi, I tried to do solid mapped meshing of a part . I divided the whole part into small mappable regions. When seen in Mappable mode it shows the whole part is mappable . But when I started to mesh, it shows at 0/9 Mark mapped faces : solid 23 has no valid mappable left with red marks shown on the part. I tried to mesh individual volumes and found was not able to mesh 2 volumes. What may be the reason that its shown as mappable but not able to mesh it?? How to resolve it
  12. Hi Rahul, It is a full version Hyperworks13.0.
  13. Hello, I am doing the topology optimization of a part with solid hexa elements. While running the optimization it shows that a particular element has zero or negative jacobian. I masked that element seperately and modified the distance between the nodes so that the jacobian value is increased and again run the optimization. Now it is showing that there is an error with node numbering sequence, I renumbered all nodes as well as elements. But the error persists. How to resolve this. The exact error is as follows *** ERROR # 2502 *** Element 27226 had incorrect node numbering sequence and needs renumbering.
  14. Hi Praksh, Thanks for your reply. I tried as per your suggestion. Now it is working for first order tetra elements. But, when i try to run the optimization with 2nd order tetra elements it is showing the following error. I have given the Upper limit in Mb= 10000 and even tried with 50000. *** ERROR # 151 *** Error accessing the scratch files: error encountered in subroutine "xdslsv" Solver error no. = -702 index = 1 This may be caused by insufficient disk space or some other system resource related limitations. (e.g. The Operating System or NFS cannot handle file size > 2 GB.) This error was detected in subroutine prepslv4.
  15. Hi, I tried to run the topology optimization of a part using Optistruct it shows the following error *** ERROR # 9003 *** FORTRAN CLOSE error. Closing file: U:/Bau_Teile/Current Working/Current Model/Tetra Elements/Final2.stat with status=delete. File unit number is 37. FORTRAN/system error is number 46. I didn't understand what's the error means. Please help me.
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