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  1. now, its working. thanks for the tip with the longer simulation time. greetings Pierre
  2. Yes, there is a slightly movment. In my animation the three pulleys are jerking. I have start an new run with an end time of 0.16. Befor was 0.013. I keep you updated.
  3. Which simulation time did you choose? I wanted the simulation end time set to one turn of the great pulley. Maybe its to short.
  4. Hello Prakash, they are connected with ball joints. That is the specification in the sample. I have attached the model-file.
  5. Hello, i tried the new belt-pulley-simulation in MotionView. The assembly was correct and i attached a rotary motion to the first pulley. In the animation can be seen that this pulley ist rotating, but not the belt and other pulleys. Is there an option for friction or others necessary settings? Thanks and greetings Pierre
  6. The rigids are RBE2. How can i share the model? As an attached file?
  7. Hello, in my analysis of a curve-drive-part is a rotation as SPC, solids for the curve-part (red) and a rigid-spider (blue) to transfer the rotation displacement to the solids. I use an NLGEOM-analysis, because i want to simulate the contact between the other parts (not in picture) and the curve-part. In this analysis the curve-part shows a strange deformation and the contact force is going very high. There is no constraint or force, that explained the deformation. Attached filses: Topf_Start_1 - front view with a distance measure of 211.666 Topf_Start_2 - side view Topf_End_1 - front with a distance measure of 201.110 Topf_End_2 - side view It is a model in optistruct, but for the solving is radioss used, because the large sliding contact. I want to understand possibly failures in the model. greetings Pierre
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